Flower Language: The fashion show that speaks in flower

By Y Ly   May 25, 2016 | 11:21 pm PT
 A field of flowers was used as the backdrop for Hoang Hai's latest designer collection.

It’s been two years since Vietnamese designer Hoang Hai's last collection, “Aimer Hanoi”. As the name suggests, this year’s “Flower Language” collection is not just about the designer’s thoughts expressed through the floral patterns on the fabric, but also a blooming backdrop to set the tone for his designs.


The mounds of flowers gave the runway the desired “depth of field” that’s more often than not missed or removed to make spectators focus on the clothes.


The flowers used in the show were mostly heath bells. The sea of flowers acted as the background and could change color thanks to the lighting system.


The entrance to the runway made it seem like the models were emerging from a fairytale flower land.


Denying accusations of copying Dior, Hoang Hai added that the flowers formed the letter H from above, which was totally different from Dior's random setup.


Director of the show, Long Kan, said the idea to adorn the runway with flowers was to show the contrast between dry earth and brilliantly colored flowers.


It took scores of people four days to complete the runway. All the flowers were ordered three months in advance then shipped to Saigon.

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