Dreame 'Love story' contest offers writers $219,000 prize pool

By Phong Van   March 4, 2022 | 12:00 am PT
The online literature platform from Singapore announced the start of an unprecedented writing contest, "Love Story", on Feb. 15.

The contest features $219,000 in prizes with the first being $60,000, which marks the highest prize pool for a serial web fiction contest ever.

The writing contest accepts submissions of love stories without limitation or theme. Top 10 winners will receive $6,000 to $60,000 in prizes with publishing and audio book adaption opportunities.

[Find more information about competition at this link. Photo by Dreame

[Find more information about competition at this link. Photo by Dreame

The contest is designed to inspire authors to create impressive original stories, with Dreame providing special writing guidance to help authors continuously improve.

Several awards will be announced throughout the year to encourage potential, and final winners will be announced by Feb. 28, 2023.

Dreame has established partnerships with relevant entities globally to explore new opportunities to adapt literary works into a wide variety of entertainment products in a closed-loop creation ecosystem that supports multilingual and frequent interaction.

"Dreame was conceived as a global centrifuge for creativity, bringing together content by creators of all kinds in various genres and themes. The goal is to unite an open, vibrant, and diverse ecosystem of storytellers on one platform. They are empowered to produce high-quality works of literature, audio books, films, dramatic series, web comics, and various other entertainment products," said Alan Fu, head of Dreame.

"These adapted works are centered on the licensing of intellectual properties (IP), and expanding on the shelf life of literary fiction to sustain further reach in different communities and related verticals."

Dreame is committed to investing resources in potential talent. In 2021, Dreame hosted several writing contests in different languages, including English, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Filipino, Tagalog and Spanish.

While Covid-19 was raging worldwide, Dreame launched the writing contests, "Rise from Ashes" and "King from Nobody," and offered $10,200 to encourage creative Tagalog web fiction.

In addition, Dreame offered $37,000 for a writing contest in Indonesia, attracting a large number of authors who had brought incredible stories to life. After the contest, Dreame donated $3,000 to a local charitable organization in Indonesia on behalf of the first winner on the grand prize list to help women and children in need.

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