Actress Zhang Ziyi’s ex-husband dates 19-year-younger girlfriend 7 months after divorce

By Nguyen Huong   May 15, 2024 | 04:59 am PT
Singer Wang Feng, the ex-husband of Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, was seen taking his mother, children, new girlfriend Sen Lin Bei, and a nanny out for a meal.
Sen Lin Bei, the new girlfriend of actress Zhang Ziyis ex-husband Wang Feng. Photo from Sens Weibo

Sen Lin Bei, the new girlfriend of actress Zhang Ziyi's ex-husband Wang Feng. Photo from Sen's Weibo

As reported by Sinchew, a video recording the group enjoying the meal on Sunday, also Mother’s Day, circulated online and attracted attention.

In the video, Wang’s new girlfriend–wearing dark, tight-fitting clothes–occasionally chats with the nanny and Wang’s daughter. As the group finished their meal, Wang helped everyone into the car and closed the door before getting in himself and leaving.

Information about Wang’s new girlfriend was subsequently widely searched. It turned out she is an online celebrity known as Sen Lin Bei and is famous for her appearance. It is reported that Sen was divorced and has a daughter from her previous marriage. She works in the culture and tourism industry and had previously signed up for a dating show.

Before his relationship with Sen, Wang allegedly dated another social media influencer.

Wang and Zhang announced their divorce in October last year. A source revealed that prior to the decision, the two’s relationship suffered. They had tried to find common ground multiple times but failed, hence, the ultimate decision.

Wang, 53, gained immense popularity as a rock musician as well as a coach on "The Voice of China."

Zhang, 45, gained international recognition with her role in the 2000 movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," which received 10 Academy Awards nominations. She also garnered many awards for her appearance in the 2013 movie "The Grandmaster."

The two tied the knot in 2015, marking Zhang’s first and Wang’s third marriage.

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