Bring on the bling: Rich kids of Vietnam

By Hoang Hoang, Van Pham   June 23, 2016 | 05:16 pm PT
You might have heard of rich kids of Dubai, London and Beijing and the infamous tales of all the weird things they have done. So what about rich kids in Vietnam?

You think that those Dubai guys with their Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Roger Dubois watches are cool? Vietnam's rich kids are not holding back either. We are no strangers to the trends that are all the rage across the globe. $50,000 watch? Four years worth of salary? We (or our parents) are too rich to worry about all that.

Let’s not forget the kicks, we all need fly kicks to fly high. You and your friends are saving up lunch money for the Nike sale sometime next month? Thanks, but no thanks, we are surely heading for Christian Louboutin’s and probably dropping by Valentino’s to burn a few grand on the newest pairs. Oh, those limited Yeezy sneakers look nice too.

We actually do not go to morning classes, because we go to school with class. That is a nice backpack you have! Did you buy it at a flea market? I wish I could go there with you but my mom has already bought me a Louis Vuitton bag for school.

We all have to hate the traffic in Vietnam. The crowd, the heat and the smell of exhaust fumes really drive me mad. The amount of people riding motorbikes on the street makes it impossible to speed up in my brand new BMW i8. I crashed my old one yesterday but my dad bought me a new one! Unfortunately, I need something slower, maybe a Range Rover will do.

Oh so I heard you and your family are heading to Da Nang this weekend for vacation? I heard it’s the hottest place for a vacation at the moment. I just cannot stand the thought of sharing my vacation with so many people. If I were you, I would rather go somewhere different. Did I tell you I've booked flights to the Maldives and then Venice with my boyfriend? It should be terrific.

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