Behind the beats: DJs go on record ahead of Da Nang carnival

By Pham Van   May 30, 2016 | 03:38 am PT
The Danang Electronic Carnival 2016 will have crowds in the central city going wild on the beach on June 11, but before the musicians turn the central city upside down, VnExpress catches up with some of the stars of the show.


Emerging star Florian Picasso, whose homeland bond with Vietnam gave birth to his releases “Hanoi” and “Saigon”, shared his thoughts on music and his famous family name.

Have you ever toured in Asia? If yes, which country is your favorite?

I have done shows in Asia but this upcoming tour will be my first ever full tour to Asia. Before my two shows in Vietnam, I will be playing in Japan, Indonesia and Taipei. My show in Seoul with Martin Garrix was one of my most memorable shows in Asia.

Many DJs before you have added more hardstyle tracks to their sets when touring in Vietnam to meet local raver's demands. What's your opinion on this?

It’s always good to meet the locals' demands. I will play Florian Picasso’s music with lots of surprises.

Does the prestigious family name give you any advantages in life and your career?

Florian Picasso is my own artistic identity and I am trying my best to show my fans Picasso’s music.

And disadvantages, maybe?

It’s a challenge to live up to the legacy of my family name. Most of the time people’s reaction to my family name does not tie into music. But music is also art.

Did you ever attempt to learn painting?

Well I did not attempt to paint for a living but, yes, I did try to draw.


Headhunterz, the young veteran of EDM with 10 years of dancefloor killing experience, expressed his feelings about his career and playing for the third time in Vietnam.

Would you be a headhunter if you weren’t a DJ?

Lol, I would definitely consider it.

How did you get the name?

Back in the day I had a different name. I was making music with another guy and we were called the Nasty D-Tuners. When Scantraxx became interested, we were already stuck to a small independent label. The way for us to get out of there was by changing our name, which became Headhunterz. This also explains the Z. Nowadays, I like to think of the Z as the people who get something out of my music.

What do you think about Vietnam’s rave community?

I think that the community is growing very fast. I was amazed by the crowd in my first show already and the second show in Hanoi was even more crowded. I am hoping this third show will be a big one.

This is the first time Vietnam has had an event this big on a beach. Do you have any recommendations for beach raving?

Beach raving is different from your normal rave, staying in the sun for a long time makes you feel tired, stay hydrated, stay out of the sun when you need to.

Having been a DJ and producer for more than 10 years, what do you love most about your career?

I can freely create and live with my passion for music. I can also travel around the world to see and feel so many different cultures that make me want to be more creative. And the most rewarding part is I can connect to my fans through my tracks!

And hate?

DJ life is tiring at times with a long time spent in airports and producing. You are constantly on the go and working at the same time.

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