Netflix to show three Vietnamese movies

By Long Nguyen   June 29, 2021 | 01:39 am PT
‘Chang Vo Cua Em’ (My Mr. Wife), ‘Mat Biec’ (Dreamy Eyes), and ‘Song Song’ (Glitch) will be available on Netflix from this week.

‘Chang Vo Cua Em’ directed by Charlie Nguyen depicts the story of a young, ambitious woman who needs a partner for doing household chores. Unexpectedly, a stranger at the park could be the perfect man for her.

It was released in Vietnam in 2018 and will be available on the streaming service from June 29.

Romantic drama ‘Mat Biec,’ based on popular writer Nguyen Nhat Anh’s novel of the same name, depicts the love story of Ngan, a rural boy, and his childhood friend during their school years. Though the girl falls in love with a rich man and leaves Ngan, he remains by her side.

A still from Mat Biec. Photo courtesy of the movie.

A still from ‘Mat Biec.’ Photo courtesy of the movie.

Directed by Victor Vu, it premiered in December 2019 and raked in a record VND50 billion ($2.16 million) within three days. It will be available on Netflix on July 1.

A day later ‘Song Song,’ released earlier this year, will hit the streaming platform. The Nguyen Huu Hoang film tells the story of a woman who communicates with a supernatural presence through an old TV in her home, and finds out a murderous secret that changes her life.

Netflix, which launched its Vietnamese language website in October 2019, has 193 million subscribers in over 190 markets.

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