International celebs keep responding to Vietnamese cowherd’s rustic music

By Thanh Thanh   November 8, 2020 | 05:19 pm PT
So Ytiet has become an Internet phenomenon after several international stars commented on his numbers song, and found a way to earn money from his newfound fame.

As the U.S. presidential elections became mired in ballot counting last week, some stars shared Ytiet’s video with tongue-in-cheek comments.

Rapper Carbi B posted a photo of Ytiet on Instagram with the caption, "The only person I trust to count the ballots."

Singer Rihanna also posted a photo of Ytiet, asking where he was when people needed him.

Many people then watched his rap videos on YouTube, saying the U.S. elections took them there.

Cardi B (down right corner) and Rihanna (up right corner) were the latest stars mentioning Ytiet on their Instagram.

Cardi B (upper left) and Rihanna (below right) are the latest stars to mention Ytiet on Instagram.

In these videos, the man from the central Binh Dinh Province raps numbers in English, alphabets and days in a week. His accent, humorous way of talking and facial expressions have made Ytiet a sensation, especially among foreigners.

Many said that they like Ytiet because of his soft melodies and the idea of having a farmer who can rap and talk honestly.

Chris Brown was the first international star to mention Ytiet on Instagram.

"How many times have you watched the go crazy video????" the American singer asked in July.

Singer Miley Cyrus and rapper Snoop Dogg shared his video, while Canadian singer Justin Bieber left a comment that Ytiet’s voice had emotion.

In September American rapper Wiz Khalifa released a track called "From 41 to 49" on his official YouTube channel.

Ytiet's initial video has raked in over two million views on YouTube while the Number Song (From 41 to 49) video has nearly 1.8 million.

He has 1.3 million subscribers on TikTok and more than 500,000 on Instagram.

In a video in October Ytiet said after becoming famous he has been invited to sing at some minor events and paid around VND2 million ($86.29). After earning VND35 million ($1,511) in this manner, he built a toilet for his family.

He has not yet received his YouTube earnings since that takes time, he said.

Some small record companies in the U.S. have invited him to collaborate, but he does not know how to buy flight tickets.

So Ytiet, real name So Y Tiet, 32, had a difficult childhood. In a video he says his mother passed away when he was six, his father took him and his sister from places to places in Binh Dinh. Without a steady job, the man alcoholic let his children beg. Ytiet lived with his uncle for a while before being sent to an orphanage.

When he was around 14 he was diagnosed with chronic pneumonia, and he decided to quit school. The disease stops him from doing heavy work, and so he became a herder, helping his adoptive mother, with whom he has lived since 18.

Creating a YouTube channel to earn more money, Ytiet has been appreciated for his endearing honesty and simplicity.

His videos of life in the countryside, herding cows and cooking traditional foods have touched netizens’ hearts.

People commenting below his videos often hope Ytiet would remain "rustic" and "naive" even if he becomes famous.

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