Artists use music to spread optimism during Covid outbreak

By Van An   August 18, 2021 | 03:33 am PT
Artists use music to spread optimism during Covid outbreak
Screen shots of Vietnamese singer Soobin Hoang Son participating in the 'Muzik Dap Dich' charity campaign.
Local musicians have initiated an online charity campaign to support a local food bank, promoting creativity and positive living amid the ongoing outbreak.

The 'Muzik Dap Dich' (Stamping Out Covid With Music) charity campaign was initiated by a group of local artists called SpaceSpeakers.

The group called upon rappers, dancers and producers to create videos using the beat SpaceSpeakers produced. For each selected video posted on their Facebook, the group would send 100 kilograms of rice to Ho Chi Minh City Fatherland Front Committee.

In his video, rapper Binz, wore a face mask while singing: "Just stay at home with the guitar, don't go out or you will face complaints..."

Meanwhile, singer Tien Tien composed a song about her longing for friends amid the lockdown.

In his song, singer Soobin Hoang Son told his fans not to care about online negativity.

After 72 hours, the program has contributed over 7,000 kilos of rice.

A representative of SpaceSpeakers said: "The campaign literally means using music to stamp out the pandemic. We hope that the 'music vaccine' can more or less heal the spirit and revive the positive energy among the community."

The group SpaceSpeakers was founded by producer Touliver in 2011, oriented to pursue rap, hip hop and electronic music in Vietnam. After many member changes, SpaceSpeakers currently operates with a lineup of 11 artists.

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