After trying to ban perfume, Hanoi now wants to teach officials how to speak

By Vo Hai   October 3, 2017 | 01:36 am PT
After trying to ban perfume, Hanoi now wants to teach officials how to speak
People in Hanoi register for their ID papers at a police office. Photo by VnExpress/Giang Huy
No stuttering, lisping or regional dialects if you want to become bureaucrats in the capital.

Hanoi’s culture department has put forward a new code of conduct outlining the manner in which city officials and public workers should speak, ranging from how loud they are to what words they should avoid.

The proposal asks officials and civil servants to deliver speeches in a calm, confident and proper manner, while showing respect for cultural values and regional dialects. They should also use language that is easy to understand and remember, it said.

But at the same time, it asks civil servants to limit stuttering, lisping and regional dialects during their speeches.

Other rules include not speaking too softly or loudly, and avoiding an abrupt tone.

If the proposal is approved, public workers will also be banned from sharing “impulsive or one-sided opinions” on social media. Vietnam is among Facebooks top 10 countries by users.

Apparently, the new set of rules looks like the latest addition to an etiquette code the capital city introduced in January, which includes a dress code for workers and guidance on the art of polite communication.

A restriction on “improper” perfumes and a ban on tattoos were introduced in December, but have been omitted from the official code after stirring up controversy.

Although Hanoi said that these rules are more of a guideline than a legal requirement, serious violations would be punished. In less serious cases, violators would receive a warning that could harm their future careers.

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