52-year-old woman sentenced to 12 years in jail for poisoning lover

By B. Ha   May 12, 2016 | 01:06 am PT
After failing to convince her estranged lover to come back to her, the 52-year-old woman broke into his house and poured toxic chemicals into the water tank.

Both the woman and her lover are married, but they had been having an affair for 10 years.

However, in 2015, the man became indifferent to the woman and refused to go out with her or answer her calls.

The woman realised the man did not want to continue the affair, so she devised a plan to take her revenge.


The woman cried in court on May 6.

In 2015, she broke into his house one morning, knowing that he would be the only one there, and hid. She gave her former lover a last chance by calling him many times, but as usual he ignored her calls and eventually went out with a friend.

The women poured one packet of toxic chemicals into the water tank and mixed another packet with the chicken feed.

The following day, the man’s son fell sick after drinking tea he had made using water from the tank. The boy survived the incident but 15 chickens died and an empty packet of the poison was found near the water tank.

After the incident, the women called her lover again and admitted what she had done. The man secretly recorded the conversation and reported it to police.

Earlier this month, the court sentenced the woman to 12 years imprisonment on charges of attempted murder and intentionally damaging property.

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