Indonesia enter U23 Asian Cup quarterfinals after big win against Jordan

By Lam Thoa   April 21, 2024 | 07:22 pm PT
Marselino Ferdinan's stellar performance helped Indonesia defeat Jordan 4-1 and claim a spot in the quarterfinals of their first U23 Asian Cup as the second place of group A.
Marselino Ferdinan (number 7) contributed to three goals of Indonesia in the 4-1 win against Jordan in U23 Asian Cup on April 21, 2024. Photo by AFC

Marselino Ferdinan (number 7) contributed to three goals in Indonesia's 4-1 win against Jordan in U23 Asian Cup on April 21, 2024. Photo by AFC

In group A, host Qatar had advanced early in the previous round. The remaining spot was the competition between Indonesia, Jordan and Australia. Coach Shin Tae-yong and Indonesia held the advantage when they only needed a draw to advance. However, Indonesia did more than that, thanks to an excellent performance by Ferdinand who contributed to three goals and was named man of the match.

The scoring chance came to Indonesia in the fourth minute. Witan Sulaeman ran down the flank before making a return pass to Rafael Struick as he finished, but the ball went straight to goalkeeper Ahmad Juaidi.

More than 4,000 Indonesian fans at Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium did not have to wait for too long. In the 21st minute, Struick eliminated Mohannad Abu Taha with a chip and then fell quickly when Amer Jamous kicked him inside the box. The referee gave Indonesia the penalty, which Ferdinan calmly finished to score the opening goal.

In the 40th minute, the gap doubled when Ferdinan and his teammates assisted Sulaeman to shoot past goalkeeper Juaidi.

Indonesia went on fire was the match continued. Their team play often penetrated Jordan's defense. Their third goal came in the 70th minute and the scorer was Ferdinan again. This time, he passed to Sulaeman and then ran down to catch the return pass before chipping it past the goalkeeper to complete his brace.

Indonesia (red jersey) advanced to the quarterfinals in their first U23 Asian Cup. Photo by AFC

Indonesia (red jersey) in their 4-1 win over Jordan in the U23 Asian Cup group stage, April 21, 2024. Photo by AFC

With nothing to lose, Jordan pushed forward to attack with all they got. In this match, they had 23 shots, but Indonesia goalkeeper Ernando Ari continued to play excellently and discouraged the strikers. Ari only conceded once in the 79th minute when Waseem Al Riyalat's shot hit Justin Hubner and went in.

However, as soon as Jordan's hopes were rekindled, they were immediately shut down. In the 84th minute, Pratama Arhan threw the ball straight into the penalty area for Komang Teagu to easily score from a header.

The win against Jordan helped Indonesia finish second in group A with six points, one behind host Qatar, who drew 0-0 with Australia in the other match. Indonesia advanced to the quarterfinals in their first U23 Asian Cup, where they will face either Japan or South Korea.

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