Giant bucket of cup noodles goes viral in China

By Hoang Phong    July 5, 2023 | 03:58 pm PT
Giant bucket of cup noodles goes viral in China
A photo shared on Chinese social media Douyin shows giant buckets of cup noodles at a store in China.
A supermarket in China has recently launched a limited-edition giant cup noodles bucket for the price of 168 yuan ($23), sparking a shopping frenzy.

Sam’s Club, a membership warehouse club owned by U.S. retail giant Walmart, debuted its edition of "giant cup noodles buckets" at its Shenzhen store that opened last week, AsiaOne reported.

Each bucket has a height of 45 cm and contains 24 regular-sized cup noodles with different flavors.

Due to the unique design of the item, the noodles bucket drew much attention online, even before the first day of launch.

The noodle buckets sold out within 15 minutes in the store.

After the buckets were sold out, some people began reselling online.

Instant noodles buckets were being resold for as high as 1,999 yuan ($276), according to local media.

China was the biggest consumer of instant noodles last year as the country served 45 billion servings, according to the World Instant Noodles Association.

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