Vietnam promotes resolution on climate change at UN General Assembly

By Vu Anh   March 30, 2023 | 05:59 am PT
Vietnam promotes resolution on climate change at UN General Assembly
Vietnamese ambassador Dang Hoang Giang (C) at a U.N. General Assembly session on March 29, 2023. Photo courtesy of the Vietnamese delegation at the U.N.
The U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution pushed by Vietnam that requests for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to give opinions regarding climate change.

The Assembly passed with consensus the resolution, which requests the ICJ to give its opinions regarding the obligations of countries when it comes to environmental protection, as well as legal responsibilities of nations that have caused negative impacts of climate change.

The resolution was proposed by Vanuatu and a core group of 18 countries, including Vietnam. It would be the first time the ICJ gives its legal opinions on climate change.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Vietnam has promoted the development for a draft resolution through multiple meetings and rounds of consultations. Vietnam’s contribution to the promotion of the initiative reaffirms the country’s international commitments, as well as highlighting Vietnam’s role as a responsible member when it comes to solving global issues.

Vietnam stressed that climate change is happening in a complex manner, and the adoption of the resolution is just the beginning step. Vietnam also called for countries to participate in the ICJ’s process of looking into the issue.

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