Ranked: 5 of 10 best European business schools are in France

By Doan Hung   January 17, 2024 | 04:53 pm PT
Ranked: 5 of 10 best European business schools are in France
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Of Europe's top 10 business schools, five are in France, two from Spain and one each are in the U.K., Italy and Sweden, according to the Financial Times' rankings.

The 2023 European Business School Rankings issued last month have HEC Paris on top followed by the London Business School and the IESE Business School in Spain.

EMLyon Business School in France is a newcomer to the list and enters in 10th place.

The fees for 2024 admissions at the schools cost US$43,500-126,000 for a two-year course, with the lowest tuition being at EMLyon Business School and the highest at the London Business School.

Graduates from the top 10 schools last year are getting an average salary of $110,000-190,000 a year, according to the Financial Times.

Students from the SDA Bocconi School of Management have the highest average salary.

Name of school Country Tuition per course (US$) Graduates' salaries per year (US$)


HEC Paris France 107,000 172,393
2 London Business School U.K. 126,000 182,254
3 IESE Business School Spain 115,000 181,270
4 ESCP Business School France 56,500-62,400 130,888
5 SDA Bocconi School of Management Italy 82,000 192,815
6 University of St Gallen Switzerland 88,400 142,148
7 Edhec Business School France 55,800 130,039
8 IE Business School Spain 90,100 165,391
9 Essec Business School France 54,700 110,087
10 EMLyon Business School France 43,500 117,111

The rankings are based on evaluations of several programs, including their MBAs, EMBAs and the MiMs.

According to 2021 European Statistical Office (Eurostat) data, around 44% of international students in the EU were pursuing master's degrees.

The most popular programs were business, management and law, with 21.7% of the students pursuing them.

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