Linkin Park's turntablist: Every moment in Hanoi was a delight

By Linh Le   November 17, 2023 | 06:17 pm PT
Joe Hahn, the turntablist and creative director behind American rock band Linkin Park’s works, wrote on his Instagram account that he enjoyed his recent visit to Vietnam’s capital.
American rock band Linkin Parks turntablist Joe Hahn. Photo from Hahns Facebook

American rock band Linkin Park's turntablist Joe Hahn. Photo from Hahn's Facebook

"The energy of Hanoi is electrifying!" he wrote in the caption accompanying several photos taken in the city, which were uploaded on Thursday.

"From wandering through the bustling streets of the Old Quarter to savoring the most delectable pho I’ve ever tasted, every moment here was a delight."

It can be seen in the photos that Hahn took his time wandering around Hanoi and dropped by various attractions during his stay, including the 22 Hang Buom Street Arts and Culture Center, the Ta Hien - Luong Ngoc Quyen intersection, and Hang Be market.

Calling the place an "enchanting city," the artist expressed his appreciation of the capital’s unique landscapes with architectural elements from both French colonial and traditional Vietnamese designing styles. He also said the "warmth and hospitality" he felt in locals made him feel like a Hanoian himself.

"I’m taking with me memories and a heart full of joy," he concluded his post. "Hanoi, you have been unforgettable!"

Many of the artist’s followers left their comments under his post showing their similar thoughts about the country’s capital.

"It’s [Hanoi’s] an incredible city that is hard to describe," an Instagram user wrote. "Let’s just say the story of "I came to visit Hanoi for a few weeks [and the trip] turns into a few years" is one we often hear."

"The chaotic energy of the place [Hanoi] is totally unique," said another.

Hahn, 46, began deejaying in high school and studied illustration at college. He was in charge of the scratching, turntables, sampling, and programming for all seven of Linkin Park's albums.

He is the mind behind most of Linkin Park’s album artworks along with his bandmate Mike Shinoda, and he has also directed many of the band’s music videos.

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