Vietnam food company acquires French poultry firm

By Dy Tung   March 31, 2022 | 03:00 am PT
Vietnam food company acquires French poultry firm
Workers at a factory of LeBoucher. Photo courtersy of the firm
GreenFeed Vietnam, a Vietnamese food chain company, has acquired the Mekong Delta-based French chicken supplier LeBoucher.

The value of the deal has not been disclosed.

GreenFeed owns G Kitchen, a meat and processed products retailer.

Quang Thanh Cuong, head of its food segment, said the acquisition would complement the company’s ecosystem with a new source of protein.

LeBoucher, a poultry supplier with a factory in the southern province of Long An, is the fifth food brand added to GreenFeed’s portfolio, the other three being MaMaChoice (fresh meat), Wyn (processed food) and G.Lala (broken rice).

LeBoucher was owned by Alain Glon Holding Asia, a French food company with $110 million in annual revenue that has been operating in Vietnam for over 25 years. It supplies chicken to McDonald’s Vietnam operations.

According to German data portal Statista, Vietnam poultry consumption was nearly 17 kilograms per capita in 2021; and expected to rise to more than 20 kilograms by 2029.

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