Trung Nguyen Legend opens first office in South Korea

By Dat Nguyen   March 28, 2023 | 08:56 pm PT
Trung Nguyen Legend opens first office in South Korea
Customers try Trung Nguyen Legend coffee in Seoul, South Korea on March 28, 2023. Photo courtesy of Trung Nguyen Legend
Coffee giant Trung Nguyen Legend has opened its first representative office in Seoul as part of its strategy to bring Vietnamese coffee to global consumers.

The new office, which opened on Tuesday, is located in Gangnam, a popular entertainment and shopping center in Seoul.

Trung Nguyen Legend said in a statement that the average South Korean consumes 367 cups of coffee a year and that South Korea is known for leading the world in new coffee trends.

Trung Nguyen Legend products have been present in South Korea for 10 years and in 2019 the company established a local sales team, seeking to increase revenues and brand promotion.

The company's G7 coffee was among the five favorite coffee brands online in South Korea in 2020, according to market research company Nielsen.

This is Trung Nguyen’s second international office after China. The company opened its first office in Shanghai in 2017.

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