Singaporean billionaire's heiress Kim Lim trapped in car for eight hours due to Dubai flooding

By Linh Le   April 19, 2024 | 05:13 am PT
Kim Lim, the daughter of billionaire Peter Lim and a well-known socialite in Singapore, was caught in a vehicular gridlock for eight hours amid the severe flooding that engulfed Dubai.
Kim Lim, the socialite daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim. Photo from Kim Lims Instagram

Kim Lim, the socialite daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim. Photo from Kim Lim's Instagram

"[An] 8-hours car ride for what is usually a 25-minute ride," the heiress shared on her Instagram account on Wednesday, recounting an intended journey to the airport that was thwarted by the chaos of the flooded streets and immobilized traffic in Dubai, as reported by AsiaOne.

Kim’s post also included photos of herself and her companions—Singaporean YouTuber Tan Jianhao and his wife Debbie Soon—inside the car, and scenes of the waterlogged streets.

On his Instagram account, Tan further detailed that the group eventually missed their flight. They were forced to instruct their driver to head to a hotel, while Kim arranged for their travel plans to be rescheduled.

As a result, the group prolonged their visit in Dubai by an additional two days.

Citing official media, AFP reported that Dubai witnessed its highest rainfall on record since 1949, as a result of storms that struck neighboring Oman on Sunday and battered the UAE on Tuesday. These storms led to at least 20 fatalities in Oman and one in the UAE.

Climatologist Friederike Otto, an expert in analyzing the impact of climate change on extreme weather phenomena, informed AFP that it was "high likely" that global warming had exacerbated the severity of the storms.

Kim, 33, is the daughter of entrepreneur Peter Lim, renowned for his ventures in healthcare, property, and sports.

As of April 19, Forbes valued Peter Lim’s net worth at US$1.8 billion, placing him as the 23rd richest person in its list of Singapore’s 50 Richest.

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