'Sex symbol' Liu Yan distressed by inappropriate jokes from male colleagues

By Minh Long   April 18, 2024 | 06:17 pm PT
Chinese actress and sex symbol Liu Yan has recently spoken out about the discomfort she experiences due to inappropriate comments about her appearance from male colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Starring in the drama series "A Dream of Splendor," the 44-year-old actress and singer discussed the challenges that came with her early career image during an interview on Mango TV on April 16.

Liu Yan, also known as Ada Liu, cultivated a sexy image, often appearing in revealing attire, which led to her being dubbed the "super bust." However, she confessed that this persona invited unwanted attention and inappropriate comments from both acquaintances and strangers in the industry.

Chinese actress and sex symbol Liu Yan. Photo courtesy of Liu Yan

Chinese actress and sex symbol Liu Yan. Photo courtesy of Liu Yan

Recalling one incident, Liu Yan recounted how a male co-host on a show referred to her as a "milk bottle," implying her worth was solely based on her physical attributes.

Despite feeling uncomfortable, she initially refrained from speaking out to avoid embarrassing her colleagues. However, she later confronted them privately, expressing her disapproval of such remarks.

Since 2016, Liu has consciously toned down her appearance to deter similar situations, opting for less provocative attire. She emphasized that she now stands up for herself and addresses any disrespectful behavior promptly, even on set.

Originally from Hunan Province and hailing from a humble background, Liu Yan moved to Beijing at the age of 18 with dreams of success. Overcoming initial challenges and uncertainties, she pursued a career as a host, eventually gaining recognition and opportunities in the film and television industry.

Liu has appeared in various productions, including "Painted Skin," "Mural," "Marrying Mr. Perfect," "The Four II," "Badges of Fury," "Ex-Files," "Jian Bing Man," "Monster Hunt 2," "Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy," "The Taichi Master," "The Legend of Yang Guifei," "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate," and "A Dream of Splendor."

Despite her success, she now more selectively chooses projects, prioritizing personal fulfillment over financial gain.

While Liu Yan remains single and open to finding love, she is uncompromising in her standards, rejecting casual relationships or rushed marriages.

She firmly believes in valuing women beyond societal expectations tied to marriage, emphasizing that every woman's journey, regardless of marital status, is worthy of respect and admiration.

Liu Yan's voluptuous figure and her past inclination towards flaunting it catapulted her to fame in China and beyond, according to AsiaOne.

However, she asserts that her public persona contrasts with her private identity. She describes herself as a down-to-earth individual.

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