'Marry My Husband' actress accused of slapping schoolmate for 90 minutes

By Nguyen Huong   April 3, 2024 | 08:41 pm PT
South Korean actress Song Ha Yoon, celebrated for her role in the television series “Marry My Husband,” has been facing controversy over allegations of slapping a schoolmate for 90 minutes.
South Korean actress Song Ha Yoon. Photo from King Kong by Starships Instagram

South Korean actress Song Ha Yoon. Photo from King Kong by Starship's Instagram

According to Nate, he allegations came to light during the Monday episode of "Crime Chief," a program focusing on current affairs broadcasted on the South Korean nationwide pay television network JTBC. This episode introduced an informant, currently residing in the U.S., who alleged he was bullied by "actress S" during his time at school.

"I was a second-year student and that actress was a third-year," the informant recounted. "She once summoned me to a playground and beat me. The assault involved being slapped continuously for an hour and a half."

Emphasizing that the person responsible for the violence was subsequently transferred to another school, the anonymous informant expressed that they sought an apology and an explanation for the actress’ actions.

Although the episode did not reveal the actress’ name, blurred images shown on the program led viewers to speculate that the actress in question is Song.

In retaliation to the allegations, Song’s management agency King Kong by Starship confirmed on the same day that the actress had indeed been transferred between schools multiple times. Song herself acknowledged the transfers the next day, however, she refuted any connection with the informant’s claims.

Born Kim Mi Sun, the 38-year-old Song made her entry into the acting world in 2003. She has since gained widespread recognition for her performances in television series such as "Fight for My Way" and "Marry My Husband."

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