Daughter of casino tycoon Stanley Ho discloses smaller inheritance than siblings

By Nguyen Huong   March 22, 2024 | 03:18 am PT
Actress Josie Ho, the daughter of the late casino magnate Stanley Ho and his second spouse Lucina Laam, revealed that her share of the inheritance was smaller than that of her siblings.
Actress Josie Ho. Photo from Josie Hos Facebook

Actress Josie Ho. Photo from Josie Ho's Facebook

As reported by Sinchew, during her appearance on the television program "A Date with Luyu," Josie, 50, opened up for the first time regarding her experiences as a billionaire’s daughter.

In response to inquiries about the distribution of her father’s estate following his demise in 2020, Josie characterized it as "average."

"My inheritance was slightly lesser in comparison to my siblings, who are employed by the family’s corporation, which is understandable," she said.

Josie explained her decision to stay away from the family enterprise in favor of pursuing her own desires. This choice enabled her to enjoy an easy and comfortable life from her childhood through her adulthood, thanks to the support of her father, sister, and brother. In contrast, her sister Pansy had to face considerable work-related stress, and her brother Lawrence bore the responsibility of sustaining the family’s wealth, she said.

Josie further disclosed her past relationships with two affluent individuals, both sons of her parents’ acquaintances and notably attractive, prior to marrying her spouse Conroy Chan, a 52-year-old actor. She noted that these relationships ended because her commitment to her career left her with little interest in marriage and parenthood.

The actress also mentioned her father’s stringent criteria for selecting sons-in-law, insisting on handsome and tall candidates. Thus, she observed, her father greatly admired Chan for his attractiveness, straightforwardness, and innocence. She remembered her father’s words: "He is kind-hearted, straightforward, and that is preferable, as being overly intelligent can be detrimental."

Josie embarked on her acting career in 1994. She married Chan in 2003 in Australia. The couple founded a film production company in 2007 and have chosen not to have children.

Her father Stanley passed away in 2020 at the age of 99. In 2019, Bloomberg estimated Stanley’s net worth to be around US$14.9 billion, ranking him as the 17th wealthiest individual in Asia at the time. After his death, the majority of his fortune was allocated among his daughter Pansy, his fourth spouse Angela Leong, and his son Lawrence.

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