Chinese actress Li Bingbing chooses to be single

By Nhu Anh   February 26, 2024 | 04:54 pm PT
Chinese actress and singer Li Bingbing said she’s enjoying her her single life at the age of 51, which she described as “full and free.”

She shared insights into her fulfilling life in a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine's Chinese edition, featured in the February issue.

While Li has scaled back her acting engagements in recent years, she remains active. Her time is divided between her passion for skiing, rigorous sports training, English language learning, nurturing her younger sister's two children, spending quality time with her parents, and managing responsibilities at the entertainment company she co-owns with her sister.

Together, Li and her sister oversee the careers of actresses such as Gülnezer Bextiyar and Zhou Ye. The collaborative effort with her sister brings a sense of joy and completeness to Li's life, she said. She treats her sister's children as her own and is dedicated to their upbringing.

Li places great importance on family bonds, staying closely connected with her parents, and ensuring they enjoy memorable trips together.

Chinese actress Li Bingbing welcomes Lunar New Year 2024 with a photoshoot in early February. Photo courtesy of her Weibo

Chinese actress Li Bingbing welcomes Lunar New Year 2024 with a photoshoot in early February. Photo courtesy of her Weibo

Regarding marriage, Li adopts a pragmatic approach: "If you meet the right person, you will fall in love. If you are no longer compatible, if you are not happy together, then break up."

Acknowledging the inevitable aging process, Li remains unafraid, focusing instead on personal growth.

As she welcomed the Lunar New Year in 2024, Li expressed a desire to deepen her self-awareness, overcome personal challenges, and find happiness in being true to herself.

She admits to being self-reflective and wary of losing her way, often taking breaks from work to ensure alignment with her aspirations. Despite what she perceives as slow progress, Li feels a growing sense of steadfastness in her journey.

With a career spanning three decades, Li Bingbing has garnered numerous accolades in both Chinese and international cinema for her roles in acclaimed productions like "Seventeen Years," "Waiting Alone," "The Knot," "The Message," "Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal," and "The Meg."

Not confined to the Chinese film industry, Li has also made a mark in Hollywood with notable appearances in films such as "The Meg," "Transformers: Age of Extinction," and "Resident Evil 5."

Despite her achievements, Li remains discreet about her personal life, having only publicly acknowledged a relationship with a Chinese businessman, which ended in 2021.

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