Actress Hwang Jung Eum confesses to ‘failing in choosing men’ following divorce from steel tycoon

By Linh Le   April 1, 2024 | 05:33 am PT
South Korean actress Hwang Jung Eum tearfully revealed her feelings regarding her unsuccessful marriage to a magnate in the steel industry as she made an appearance on a television show.
South Korean actress Hwang Jung Eum. Photo from Hwangs Instagram

South Korean actress Hwang Jung Eum. Photo from Hwang's Instagram

According to Dan Tri Newspaper, during the most recent broadcast of "SNL Korea," which was televised on Saturday, Hwang expressed: "I believe I’m proficient at selecting scripts but fail in the selection of men."

This comment swiftly captured the interest of the public, particularly as this marked the actress’ inaugural public outing subsequent to her declaration of parting ways with steel magnate Lee Young Don in February, following an eight-year union.

Over the past month, Lee has been the target of criticism due to accusations of unfaithfulness that purportedly led to their separation. The allegations followed a claim by a friend of Hwang that the divorce was prompted by a mistake on her husband’s part. Nevertheless, he has not yet issued a response.

Hwang and Lee, who share two sons ages seven and two, entered into matrimony in 2016. They suddenly announced their divorce in Sep. 2020, yet chose to reconcile the year after.

During a disclosure on a show broadcasted by SBS TV last year, Hwang deemed marriage her "utmost regret," conceding that she had been overwhelmed by affection.

Lee, 43, holds the position of CEO at a steel corporation and is also known for his golfing.

Hwang, 40, embarked on her career in the entertainment industry as a vocalist with the ensemble Sugar in 2004.

Subsequent to her departure from the band to embark on a solo career, she made a transition to acting in 2005, where she received acclaim for her roles in renowned TV series such as "High Kick" (Part Two), "East of Eden," "The Master’s Sun," and "Giant."

In 2015, her performance in the TV series "She Was Pretty" attained considerable acclaim and led to adaptations in several Asian nations, including Vietnam and China, as reported by the South Korean online platform Nate.

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