Actor Aliff Aziz's self-claimed lover 'heartbroken' over his alleged affair with actress Ruhainies

By Linh Le   April 23, 2024 | 03:35 pm PT
Sarah Yasmine, who claimed she was romantically involved with married Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz, expressed her feelings of betrayal after discovering his alleged extramarital affair with Malaysian actress Ruhainies.
Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz. Photo from Azizs Instagram

Singaporean actor Aliff Aziz. Photo from Aziz's Instagram

Channel News Asia reports that Yasmine said her relationship with Aziz, 33, began in January. Revealing that they grew close through conversations on social media, she recounted how Aziz often vented about his marital issues with his wife, the 29-year-old singer Bella Astillah, and sought after her comfort and advice during that time.

She stated that he eventually declared his love for her and they became a couple.

However, Yasmine subsequently discovered messages on Aziz’s phone to someone named "NRF" while charging it, and she believed this person is Ruhainies, 32, whose real name is Nur Ruhainies Farehah Zainul Ilyas.

"I was quite surprised when I saw their conversation, [it’s] as if they were in love, while he was in a relationship with me," she noted, as quoted by The Star. "My heart broke for trusting Aliff Aziz."

Yasmine also said she suspects that the messages between Aziz and "NRF" were part of a scheme to destabilize the actor’s marriage to Astillah. She added that she thinks Astillah was aware of her as the third party in their marriage.

She revealed that her discovery followed the detainment of Aziz and Ruhainies for khalwat (close proximity) last month, a term used in Malaysia to describe a situation where a woman and a man, not married to each other or related by blood, are found together in a private setting.

Also, despite recognizing Aziz’s misconduct, Yasmine argued that the criticism towards him since the khalwat incident has been excessively harsh, and insisted that Ruhainies "should be equally guilty."

Shortly after Aziz and Ruhainies’ detainment, Astillah filed for divorce, marking the second time she and Aziz faced such a situation. The couple first married in 2016 and underwent a divorce in 2019 due to allegations of infidelity against Aziz, although they reconciled a year later.

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