Wages rise sharply in Southeast Asia

By The Nikkei Asia Review   June 30, 2016 | 07:52 pm PT
Economic growth and minimum-wage increases boosted workers' incomes in Southeast Asia during fiscal 2015, the Nikkei Asia Review cited the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) as saying.

Typical monthly wages excluding benefits for manufacturing jobs were $348 in Bangkok, $193 in Ho Chi Minh City and $162 in Phnom Penh, according to JETRO’s statistics.

Wages rose the most in countries where pay is lowest, jumping 13.6 percent from the prior fiscal year in Cambodia, according to JETRO. Wages soared more than 10 percent in Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Minimum wages are rising steeply in many Southeast Asian nations. Entering 2016, Vietnam saw an increase of more than 10 percent while the minimum wage in the sewing and shoemaking trades in Cambodia climbed 9.4 percent.

Pay increases for management jobs stood out in Singapore. A section manager at a manufacturing company now makes $5,337 monthly, more than 20 percent higher than a similar position in Tokyo pays.

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