VSIP Binh Duong businesses ramp up for year end

By Son Quỳnh   December 21, 2021 | 06:00 pm PT
Manufacturers at the VSIP I and II industrial parks are operating at a gradual pace to regain growth momentum in the last months of the year.

About 98 percent of enterprises at VSIP I, II in Binh Duong have reopened. Employees have returned to work, and commodity flow has been stabilized.

"Enterprises are accelerating production in the last months of the year in an effort to regain economic growth momentum, at the same time, ensuring safety in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic across industrial zones," said a VSIP representative.

After more than a month of the "new normal," DADL Co., Ltd., in VSIP II industrial park, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot Town, Binh Duong has welcomed about 1,000 workers back to work. Before the pandemic, the company was home to about 1,510 employees.

VSIP1 Binh Duong Industrial Park. Photo by VSIP

VSIP1 Binh Duong Industrial Park. Photo by VSIP

Ho Huynh Thanh Thao, deputy executive director of DADL Co., Ltd., said in order to ensure operations, the company is inviting workers who have returned to their hometowns to go back to work by covering travel charges and other expenses. In addition, the enterprise has increased hiring to restore 100 percent of its operating capacity by the first quarter of 2022.

For employees with young children, the company provides them with computers so they can continue to work online from home. "At this time, employee health is our top priority," Thao stated.

P&G Factory at VSIP II, Tan Hiep 17 Street, Vinh Tan, Tan Uyen also had about 900 employees return to work, reaching 90 percent of pre-pandemic number.

Dang Duc Toan, supply chain director of P&G Factory, said the business still maintains capacity, ensuring the quantity of essential goods, while focusing on worker safety.

"100 percent of employees have received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination and 92 percent have received the second. The company has actively purchased test kits and distributed them to employee families, supporting dormitories for workers in high-risk areas and implementing a health counseling and support program for the whole company," Toan said.

VSIP II Binh Duong Industrial Park. Photo by VSIP

VSIP II Binh Duong Industrial Park. Photo by VSIP

The Management Board of the Industrial Parks in Binh Duong and the VSIP infrastructure developer have supported the approval of registration, conversion to flexible production models; conducting a fact-finding survey to provide detailed instructions to businesses in the prevention and control of Covid-19, and supporting related vaccination for workers.

In addition to gradually stabilizing production, real estate and housing projects in two VSIP industrial parks in Binh Duong have been deployed to ensure construction progress.

The Sun Casa Central project, located in the center of VSIP II Urban covering more than 30 hectares, is home to more than 80,000 employees, including 5,000 professionals.

"After interruptions due to the pandemic, hundreds of shop houses and terrace house in their First Phase have been handed over to customers in early October 2021," a VSIP representative said.

To proceed the great attraction, VSIP will continue to develop phase 2 of Sun Casa Central project with 453 products, including Shop houses, Terrace houses, Semi Detached villas, Villas to meet the diverse demand of customers.

Sun Casa Central is a housing project featuring a healthy living environment and amenities like The Sun Mall & Park shopping center and park of six hectares, The Sun Container Night Market of three hectares, a commercial entertainment and service area. VSIP and partners also plan to build a 5,000 square meter clinic and preschool to accommodate 400 children to meet local needs.

Sun Casa Central project. Photo by VSIP

Sun Casa Central project. Photo by VSIP

Phase 3 of The Habitat apartment complex at the gateway of VSIP I industrial park, will soon be implemented. The third phase of this luxury apartment complex focuses on a variety of internal amenities including an infinity pool, sky bar, outdoor performance stage, green park, gym, yoga, sports playground, jogging track, BBQ area, children's playground.

"The implementation of phase 3 of The Habitat post-pandemic is to accelerate the completion of the project and urgently meet the residential needs of foreign experts who will return to Vietnam to work in the period 2023-2025, when international connections are fully restored," a representative of VSIP revealed.

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