VNG new mission and its focus on people

October 5, 2020 | 05:00 pm PT
Newly-appointed VP of HR Abhishek Mathur is expected to make VNG’s target of becoming “The best place in Vietnam for people to work, to learn and to grow” achievable.

Mathur has 20 years of working experiences in the human resources field at large companies like GE Capital and Johnson & Johnson.

Newly-appointed VP of HR Abhishek Mathur

Newly-appointed VP of HR Abhishek Mathur.

Having studied science at university and shifting to human resources on graduation, what made you choose and stay with HR for so long?

During my college days, I lead a student group that included a diverse set of people, and so founded my HR calling. For me, it was easy to manage finances or marketing plans, though the biggest challenge I faced was to manage a team. I then realized I would like to explore managing individuals and teams more since they are critical to the success of any project or business. As an HR professional, I am most proud when I am able to influence employees to believe in their own potential. To see them realize what they are capable of, fly and succeed in life is a joy that is unparalleled.

You have worked for many international companies like GE Capital. What brought you to VNG?

Large multi-national organizations served as a good foundation and learning ground for me. As I grew in my career, I sought opportunities to work for organizations in which I could share my experience with employees and help them grow. I was hugely impressed by the vision of VNG - Building Technologies and Grow People. For a Better Life’- as it aligns with what I value and also gives me an opportunity to work with Starters (term for VNG employees) to help bring the vision to life.

Grow people – sounds very interesting. But what could you do to visualize that vision?

A vision statement where development of people is front and center puts a lot of responsibility on the HR team.

Our HR strategy focuses on attracting and retaining the best talent, building capabilities that will differentiate VNG in the global technology market and last but not least: creating a culture of high performance with a good balance of employee health and well-being.

We believe our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) provides young technology students a very exciting platform to learn and work at the beginning of their career. Employees can move between different business units, thus giving them opportunities to work on different sets of technologies and products. Apart from this, our HCMC campus, which houses more than 3000 employees, is of world class and gives a sense of pride and belonging to our Starters. Our employee benefits are among the best in the industry and our compensation is competitive. Our employees are eager to learn while our Learning and Development team prioritizes individual skill development and personal growth.

Besides, I believe the development and growth of people is not limited to the organization alone but also the community in which it serves. We run a CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility) by which employees give back to the community.

VNG Campus in District 7, HCMC

VNG Campus in District 7, HCMC.

VNG has a great ambition: To become the best place in Vietnam for people to work, to learn and to grow. This will place an even greater weight on your shoulders, right?

The young generation - Millennials and Gen Z - are looking for a workplace where they are able to develop their whole selves. At VNG, we lay a lot of emphasis on building capabilities among managers responsible for our young and dynamic workforce. We believe with the right coaching and mentoring, both will thrive. We constantly remind our workforce about the vision and the larger purpose of the organization to help them utilize their life's mission. VNG Starters are always full of energy and boast a can-do attitude. They are curious and hungry to learn and grow themselves along with the company.

In order for us to continue to be the best place to work, learn and grow, we will need to focus on a few things:

- Engage and partner with technology and non-technology universities to access the best talent that Vietnam has to offer. Our HR team is constantly in touch with talents, both local and overseas, boosting discussions on new technologies like AI, Big Data, etc. We also share in the changing landscape across Vietnam through an annual event held in Singapore and the U.S. called Vietnam Internet Ecosystem and give Vietnamese overseas talents a clear picture of the potential evident in their home country.

- Focus on Diversity and Inclusion by reengaging with a set of demographics - New Mothers - who unfortunately are not able to remain part of the workforce. We have a nursery facility at our campus in HCMC, which is a step forward to empower working mothers.

- Continue to build leadership capabilities and provide stretched roles to our employees as we grow globally.

- Create a unique experience for every individual employee so they could feel part of a caring and loving family!

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