VMO Holdings offers digital transformation solutions

October 31, 2022 | 05:00 pm PT
VMO Holdings has contributed to the success of hundreds of partners in Vietnam and other countries by providing technology solutions in healthcare and agriculture.

VMO Holdings Joint Stock Company has marked its 10-year milestone with 1,200 employees and branches in international market including Japan and the U.S. The company is expected to positively affect the national digital transformation process.

According to the latest statistics from the National Digital Transformation Department, the digital economy’s share of GDP accounted for 10,41% in June 2022, up from 9,6% at the end of 2021. Vietnam has set a goal to increase the digital economy GDP share to 20% by 2025.

The national digital transformation program has dual goals: developing digital government, economy, and society; and forming digital technology enterprises in Vietnam to join the global market.

VMO combines its initiatives with national and community missions and promises to be a positive factor in the digitizing process. VMO is also devoted to spreading the spirit of "technology for life’s sake" in Vietnam and is expected to be a howling success in the international market.

Services provided by VMO have played important roles in the process of building and developing applications for IoT in agriculture, traffic, and healthcare, not only in Vietnam but also in the global market.

An IT team at VMO. Photo by VMO

VMO has 1,200 employees and branches in international market. Photo by VMO

Of all the services VMO has supplied, digital transformation in agriculture has brought positive changes by providing storage and transportation monitoring solutions. Products use wireless sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) and connect to the software to support wharehouse quality. Seven of the 10 largest grain companies in the U.S. trust this solution for grain transportation and storage monitoring.

An IT team at VMO. Photo by VMO

An IT team at VMO. Photo by VMO

VMO Holdings' IoT technology is typically applied in projects by using the 3G/4G platform to transmit data anywhere, using Lithium batteries to extend the device life, and support real-time tracking and notification. Besides, the use of AI/ML allows for the prediction of possible problems with warehouses while the SAAS platform provides extensibility and customization depending on customer needs.

According to WHO statistics, by 2022, the world has wasted about 1.4 billion tons of food every year. In particular, more than 30% of food is lost or wasted each year due to problems in agricultural storage and preservation, leading to a loss in cost. VMO Holdings’ solutions have been deployed in many countries in the world, playing a key role in solving the cost problem, while benefitting both businesses and people.

In the field of healthcare, VMO Holdings' digital transformation project provides solutions to design and offers a secure cloud platform that allows units to provide online healthcare programs. Hospitals and clinics can connect with their patients remotely via digital platforms like websites and apps.

The platform can automatically take care of patients remotely through app notifications, instructions, and updates, covering patient surveys, physiological data, and medical records.

Service providers can expand their scope of care from the hospital to the family by managing and querying patient information, following an appropriate treatment route, explaining the patient’s questions on physiological data, and collecting additional population health data. All these services are operated online.

Currently, VMO Holdings' digital transformation platform has been deployed in hundreds of hospitals and clinics across the world, providing more optimal utilities in the field of healthcare.

Chief Executive Officer - Hoang Tuan Hai

Chief Executive Officer, Hoang Tuan Hai. Photo by VMO Holdings

VMO Holdings has won the Sao Khue Award in 2022, and received a Commendation from the Minister of Information and Communications for making substantial contributions to the development of technology in Vietnam.

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