VinCSS, HiTrust cooperate to promote passwordless transformation

By Thy An   August 28, 2023 | 06:00 pm PT
VinCSS and HiTrust have signed a collaborative partnership to stimulate swift action in passwordless innovations for the e-commerce and banking industries, with the theme of connecting for a safer digital future.
The collaboration between VinCSS and HiTrust was signed in the course of the Fido Apac Summit 2023. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

VinCSS and HiTrust representatives sign a partnership in the course of the FIDO Apac Summit 2023. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

HiTrust Pte Ltd. is known for its avant-garde payment security solutions that stand tall in the global market.

With services such as EMV 3DSS, ACS, FIDO authentication, and AI-anchored fraud detection services, it has continually catered to the needs of the banking and e-commerce industries.

VinCSS Cyber Security Services JSC, a subsidiary of Vingroup, has been scripting success stories in cybersecurity and IAM since its establishment in 2018.

Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for their leadership in passwordless authentication in Southeast Asia, VinCSS is a name synonymous with innovation and trust.

Amidst the collaborative spirit of the summit, both entities affirmed their commitment to fostering mutual cooperation.

By seamlessly sharing vital information and technical expertise and allocating necessary resources, they envision the creation of authentication and anti-fraud solutions for e-commerce and the financial sectors that are unrivaled.

CEO of VinCSS (L) and CEO ò Hitrust (R) at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

Simon Trac Do, CEO of VinCSS (L) and Roger Kuo, CEO of Hitrust (R) at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

Simon Trac Do, founder and CEO of VinCSS, said that as a pioneering Vietnamese startup in cybersecurity and IAM, the company is poised at the forefront of innovation and change.

They are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with HiTrust, a testament to their shared vision of revolutionizing the digital security landscape with strong authentication solutions.

"By uniting our strengths and harnessing the power of passwordless and strong authentication, we aim to raise the bar for strong authentication in e-commerce and financial sectors across the region. Together, we are forging a future where digital transactions are safer, more secure, and more efficient for all our consumers and businesses."

Echoing this sentiment, Roger Kuo, CEO of HiTrust, also said that this collaboration with VinCSS signifies an important chapter as we actively extend their presence in the regional market.

By partnering with VinCSS, known for its innovative spirit, HiTrust is eager to introduce its advanced technologies to users in the region, thereby contributing to the enhancement of security measures for online transactions and logins.

"With the advantage of VinCSS's expertise, we will gain a more profound understanding of the regional market, enabling both entities to continuously develop more comprehensive digital solutions for all," Kuo said.

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