Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023 celebrates breakthroughs

By Thy An   November 9, 2023 | 02:15 am PT
Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023 brought together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders to celebrate breakthroughs and innovations that shape the future, from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1.

Recognizing the importance of fostering innovation and showcasing cutting-edge advancements, Vietnam's Ministry of Planning and Investment proudly presented the Vietnam International Innovation Expo 2023 (VIIE 2023).

The VIIE 2023 played a critical role in promoting breakthroughs and inspiring innovations. It has served as a melting pot of ideas, where individuals and organizations from various sectors came together to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and collaborate on new projects.

By providing a platform for showcasing innovations, the expo has created huge opportunities for networking, investment, and collaboration, fostering an ecosystem of creativity and progress.

The event has also been instrumental in driving innovation in Vietnam. It has become a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for change, attracting both local and international participants.

By bringing together innovators, investors, and industry experts, VIIE 2023 has created an environment that encourages collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of ideas.

This has resulted in the birth of groundbreaking innovations, transforming industries, and propelling Vietnam into the ranks of global leaders in technology and innovation in the future.

Highlights of VIIE 2023

VIIE 2023 has been the most exciting and impactful edition yet. After the success of VIIE 2021, this year's expo continued to grow, attracting a larger and more diverse audience of nearly 40,000 visitors.

The event was held at the state-of-the-art Vietnam National Convention Center (NIC) at Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park (NIC Hoa Lac campus), providing the biggest innovation space for showcasing the latest advancements in technology, science, and business that are related to eight key areas of NIC: smart cities, smart factories, digital media, cybersecurity, semiconductors, hydrogen, environmental technology, and Healthtech.

NIC Hoa Lac opening ceremony. Photo courtesy of ???

NIC Hoa Lac opening ceremony. Photo courtesy of Ministry of Planning and Investment

The theme for VIIE 2023 was "Empowering the Vietnam Innovation Ecosystem," reflecting Vietnam's determination and ambition to create a greener, more inclusive, and technologically advanced future.

The expo will feature a wide range of exhibitions, workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions covering hot topics such as hydrogen, semiconductors, investment, and digital media.

Key features and attractions

At VIIE 2023, attendees witnessed a plethora of exciting features and attractions. The expo hosted an extensive exhibition area where leading companies, startups, and research institutions such as Viettel, VNPT, Masan, Becamex, Sovico, Vintaxi, MoMo, CT Group, VSIP, and N&G will showcase their latest products, services, and breakthrough innovations.

From cutting-edge technologies to revolutionary business models, visitors had the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative power of innovation.

In addition to the exhibition, VIIE 2023 also offered a comprehensive program of conferences and summits such as the Vietnam Venture Summit, Hydrogen Conference in Vietnam, National Semiconductor Summit, Conference for Research, Application of Technology in Healthcare, and Vietnam GameMaker Conference.

Many experts and business leaders gathered at Vietnam Venture Summit. Photo courtesy of ???

Many experts and business leaders gathered at Vietnam Venture Summit. Photo courtesy of Ministry of Planning and Investment

Industry experts and thought leaders shared their insights and experiences, providing valuable knowledge and inspiration.

Notably, the Samsung Innovation Campus lab and Chip Design Incubation Center were officially inaugurated. The lab demonstrated the Korean corporation's commitment to supporting the NIC to become a cradle in training technology talent and leading future national innovation.

Meanwhile, the chip design incubation center was a step toward realizing the agreement between Synopsys and NIC signed last September, to develop talented chip design human resources in Vietnam.

Besides, VNPT provided a cloud data center, and in return, the NIC trained VNPT’s engineers in the semiconductor field. The prime minister and delegates visited and opened the lab and incubation center.

Remarkable breakthroughs and innovations

The expo has consistently been a platform for showcasing remarkable breakthroughs and innovations, and VIIE 2023 was no exception.

The expo featured groundbreaking technologies and solutions that had the potential to revolutionize industries and improve lives. From advanced robotics and automation to sustainable energy solutions toward Net Zero and healthcare advancements, the innovations on display highlighted Vietnam's capabilities and potential as a global hub for innovation.

Many innovative and breakthrough technologies were showcased at VIIE 2023. Photo courtesy of ???

Many innovative and breakthrough technologies were showcased at VIIE 2023. Photo courtesy of Ministry of Planning and Investment

One notable breakthrough was the development of Eco Valley in SK as well as Inno City. VIIE 2023 showcased cutting-edge technologies that enable cities to become more connected, efficient, and sustainable. From intelligent payment systems to smart energy grids, lighting systems, and digital governance solutions, these innovations have the power to transform urban landscapes and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Viettel Group also brings self-developed 5G technologies, including the first 5G chip in Vietnam that has just been successfully tested, and Artificial Intelligence Assistant applications. According to a Viettel Group representative, fully mastering the chip design stages is an important step for Vietnam to participate more deeply in the global semiconductor industry, given the world market has not yet provided commercial 5G chip products.

Viettel Group’s display at the Inno City zone. Photo courtesy of NIC

Viettel Group’s display at the Inno City zone. Photo courtesy of NIC

Impact on Vietnamese business

The event is expected to have a profound impact on the business and innovation landscape in Vietnam.

The expo has served as a catalyst for economic growth, attracting investment, promoting entrepreneurship, and fostering collaboration between startups, established companies, and research institutions.

By providing a platform for showcasing innovations and connecting key stakeholders, VIIE 2023 has helped to create a vibrant ecosystem that supports the development and commercialization of groundbreaking ideas.

Moreover, it has played a crucial role in raising awareness about the importance of innovation and its potential to drive economic and social progress.

By showcasing success stories and breakthrough innovations, the expo has not only inspired a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, motivating them to pursue their dreams and contribute to Vietnam's innovation-driven economy, but has also gradually made Vietnam an innovation destination.

The success stories that have emerged from previous VIIE 2021 events are a testament to the impact of the expo. Many startups and innovators have gained significant recognition and support because of their participation in VIIE.

For example, a startup specializing in renewable energy solutions secured a partnership with a leading global investor after showcasing their technology at the event. This partnership has not only provided the startup with the necessary funding but has also opened doors to international markets and accelerated their growth.

Similarly, an innovative healthcare startup that participated in the expo received significant media attention and attracted investment from both local and international investors. This influx of capital will allow the startup to expand its operations, hire top talent, and continue developing life-saving technologies.

Future prospects

As Vietnam continues to establish itself as a global hub for innovation, with the government's commitment to supporting research and development, fostering entrepreneurship, and investing in infrastructure, the stage is set for the expo to play an increasingly critical role in driving Vietnam's innovation-driven economy.

Innovation is the key to unlocking a brighter future, and VIIE 2023 provides the perfect platform for embracing innovation and celebrating breakthroughs.

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to showcase your groundbreaking ideas, an investor seeking the next big opportunity, or an individual passionate about innovation, VIIE 2023 offered an unparalleled experience.

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