Vedan to introduce frozen food products

By Thy An   May 24, 2024 | 05:00 pm PT
Vedan Vietnam has been developing the new "frozen food" category and will launch products at the end of May, bringing delicacies from around the world to serve consumers.

Vedan’s frozen food business development team said that French cuisines often use local ingredients. Many famous French restaurants use meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables, as well as other ingredients found locally, and they take pride in the localization of these ingredients on each of their dishes.

Vedan Sichuan Sauerkraut Fish. Photo courtesy of Vedan

Vedan Sichuan Sauerkraut Fish. Photo courtesy of Vedan

Therefore, one of the concepts of frozen food promoted by Vedan is using local ingredients to create distinguishing features of Vietnamese delicacies.

The "Vedan Sichuan Sauerkraut Fish," which is made from the world's leading export product, Pangasius fillet, combined with Vietnamese rice noodles, and soup base stewed from sea bass bones, makes a great combination of local ingredients.

Com dep (flat green rice) has also been incorporated into Vedan's new products.

Another example is hotpot, one of the most convenient and delicious dishes around the world.

Among the first Vedan frozen products on the market, you can find two kinds of Vedan Golden Fish Balls - Original Flavor (without filling) and Salted Egg Yolk Stuffing - which perfectly present the flavor of golden fish balls when served with hotpot.

Vedan Golden Fish Balls are carefully prepared from golden threadfin bream fish. Fried with special techniques, it can preserve the original seafood taste and the chewiness of fish.

The salted egg yolk version offers a harmony between crust and filling, bringing an unexpected flavor through many layers of fish balls.

The first products will also include Taiwanese delicacies such as Vedan Golden Taiwanese Moon Cuttle Shrimp Cakes and Vedan Taiwanese Sausages.

Vedans frozen food products. Photo courtesy of Vedan

Vedan's frozen food products. Photo courtesy of Vedan

Popular snacks and national delicacies in various countries, such as Vedan Japanese Takoyaki and Vedan Korean Pancakes will also appear among Vedan’s first list of frozen foods.

These local appetizing dishes are based on traditional flavors made from strictly selected local ingredients such as seafood, fresh vegetables, meat.

The more important thing is to promote the ultimate research spirit through evaluation and recognition from domestic and foreign chefs.

The rigorous selection of local ingredients, research on traditional flavors, and use of modern technology reflect Vedan Vietnam's professional morale.

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