Thang Long Home - Hiep Phuoc project is on schedule

April 27, 2018 | 10:45 am GMT+7
Lower stories have been complete on time and ahead of other constructions to guarantee quality like the initial design plan.

Thang Long Home – Hiep Phuoc project in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai, is a month ahead of schedule after construcion began in January 2018, said a representative from Thang Long Real Group, the project’s developer.

In early April, the sample area including garden houses and commercial houses was completed and opened for visitors. Thang Long Real Group updates buyers on the progress of the project to buyers every month, to help them feel secured that they will receive their house in time and with the best quality.

Đông đảo khách hàng tham quan khu nhà mẫu dự án trong ngày khai trương. Liên hệ tham quan nhà mẫu và cập nhật  thông tin tại đây và tại đây.

Potential customers visit the sample area on opening day. To book a visit and sign up for updates, click here and here.

In the third quarter of 2018, Thang Long Home - Hiep Phuoc is expected to deliver the first houses to customers including the Ruby B and Ruby C shophouses. From March to May of 2019, the second and final delivery of the remaining houses in Ruby B, Ruby C and other areas, Sapphire, Topaz, Diamond, will be completed.

“One of the highlights of this project is the facilities system is developed alongside the construction, so they can be ready for use once people move in,” Thang Long Real representative said.

According to the plan, Thang Long Home - Hiep Phuoc will welcome the first residents by the end of this year and will put in use all of the infrastructure and sport facilities, along with parks and playgrounds. The commercial complex including restaurants, cafés, entertainment zones and shopping malls will also be opened.

Diamond Park is now opened and ready to serve with an outdoor gym, a tennis court and coffee shops. In May and June, the project will continue finishing internal roads, electricity and water systems, communication lines, and planting sidewalk trees.

Phòng ngủ mẫu nhà vườn vừa khánh thành của Thăng Long Home - Hiệp Phước.

The bedroom in a garden house of Thang Long Home – Hiep Phuoc.

Vo Van Anh Tuan, Deputy General Director of Thang Long Real Group, said one of the factors that helped the progress went ahead of schedule is the wise, logical construction management and the application of innovative construction technology. The company also chose prestigious contractors and construction units for the project.

The company also invested properly on high quality material in infrastructure construction, setting up the project’s private sewage treatment station and renovating the park by the Ba Ky channel outside the project.

“Along with modern and adequate utilities, this investment affirmed that we are not just into selling land and houses but we are committed to building and developing a community, and bringing high living standards that suit experts and managers who are currently working at Nhon Trach industrial zones,” Tuan said.

Sân tennis đạt chuẩn quốc tế - một trong những tiện ích nội khu nổi bật của dự án. Thăng Long Home  Hiệp Phước do Thăng Long Real Group phát triển và DKRA Việt Nam cùng TLH đại diện phân phối.

The international standard tennis court is one of the standout features of the project.

Thang Long Home - Hiep Phuoc is developed by Thang Long Real Group, and distributed by DKRA Vietnam and TLH. Houses and residences occupy 30 percent of the 10-hectare area, and the rest is saved for public services and utilities. The whole project of 227 row-houses and shophouses is for high class employees, managers and overseas experts working at Nhon Trach industrial zones.

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