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Stavian Group - a workplace that embraces diversity, inclusion

By Phong Van    August 17, 2022 | 12:00 am PT
As a leading multi-industry and multinational corporation, Stavian Group respects cultural diversity in the workplace, becoming one of the "Best companies to work for in Asia."

Stavian Group has about 2,000 employees globally and presents in over 100 markets. As a multinational corporation, cultural diversity is a huge barrier for Stavian Group when building its corporate culture due to differences in employee backgrounds and perspectives.

However, by embracing every culture and individual differences to unleash their potential, Stavian Group has created an international-standard workplace that upholds unity, non-discrimination, and respect for ethnicity and gender. This has played an important role in helping the group attract domestic and foreign candidates.

Stavians board of directors and staff. Photo by Stavian

Stavian's staffs come from many different cultures. Photo by Stavian

From the beginning, the group has aimed to build a DEI (Diversity - Equity - Inclusion) working environment, trying to connect all employees with one corporate culture belonging to Stavian.

"The differences in geographical distance, time zone, nationality, religion... don’t seem to exist while working at Stavian Group. The working environment is fair and united. I have received around-the-clock support from my colleagues and managers, who are sitting halfway across the globe. I believe Stavian Group will go further on the international market and I am delighted to be a part of its journey," said Mohamed Raafat, business manager of the Egypt market.

Laura Perez Pabon, business manager of the Latin Americas market, said: "Living in Vietnam, I have received warm support from my managers and colleagues in the group. Stavian Group has given me a professional working environment that promotes diversity and inclusion. I believe that Stavian is the ideal workplace for expats in Vietnam as well as candidates in the international market."

Tony Dinh Duc Thang, chairman of Stavian Group, said diversity and inclusion in corporate culture, especially at multinational corporations like Stavian Group, are integral parts of business development. Each employee needs to respect other backgrounds and cultures to create a professional working environment.

"Every single person, including senior leaders like me, needs to have an open mind and learn from our colleagues because only then can we create a diverse and inclusive team, and be able to achieve sustainable development and success," Dinh Duc Thang said.

Being in a professional working environment will help employees work better, and feel happier and more motivated. Research has proven that businesses will achieve higher profits when successfully building a positive working environment and improving employee engagement. The Gallup survey also found that the productivity of companies with higher employee engagement can be 22% higher compared to businesses without or low employee engagement.

People as the core of sustainable development

Stavian focuses on improving infrastructure including a Grade A office with a reading room, modern pantry, entertainment room, napping room... with 360-degree open space, using the most cutting-edge equipment.

Stavian Group orients and supports employees to develop their career path. Photo by Stavian

Stavian Group orients and supports employees to develop their career paths. Photo by Stavian

The group also organizes a variety of activities from entertainment activities and employee engagement activities to comprehensive healthcare programs like sports tournaments, and book review contests to encourage a reading culture and self-development.

The group pays attention to orienting and supporting its employees to develop their choice of career paths during their time at Stavian. Embracing the spirit of "Ownership - One of Stavian’s five core values," the group always encourages the proactive learning and self-improvement of its employees through several initiatives.

In particular, the group supports 80% of the tuition fee of all external training programs (including MBAs), awards employees with proficiency in any foreign language (following applied international standards), and encourages highly-skilled individuals to share their knowledge and skills through training programs.

Tony, Dinh Duc Thang (left) received the Best Companies to work for in Asia 2022 Award. Photo by HR Asia

Tony, Dinh Duc Thang (L) received the "Best companies to work for in Asia 2022" award. Photo by HR Asia

The corporation achieved nearly $2 billion in revenue in 2021. As a multi-industry and multinational corporation that operates in plastic resin and petrochemicals distribution, pulp and paper, eco-friendly packaging manufacturing, FMCG, logistics, real estate, investment, and high-tech materials, Stavian Group was honored as one of the best companies to work for in Asia 2022 by HR Asia – the leading human resources magazine in Asia. To receive this award, Stavian Group has made great efforts in building comprehensive, competitive, and outstanding welfare policies compared to other businesses in the industry and other sectors.

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