Startup develops app that allows diners to book tables with discounts

By Thanh Thu   July 2, 2017 | 05:00 pm PT
With PasGo, you can make online restaurant reservations and enjoy a wide range of discounts for free.

Restaurant reservation application PasGo was launched in Vietnam in 2014 to present a complete tech solution for both diners and restaurants.

When you have plans to eat out, a lot of questions will pop up: Where, what and when to eat? And what about discounts? To find the answers, many people usually turn to restaurant reviews and spend time looking for vouchers and discounts online, which can be inconvenient, said a PasGo representative.

The internet can be a double-edged sword as it offers a lot of information but it's difficult to decide on which sites to trust, and even when you do buy coupons online, you still want to book tables.

“How can I find the right restaurant, save money, and book a table before arriving? We realized diners would love a solution to all of those questions, so we created PasGo,” said the company representative.


To use PasGo you can call the hotline on 19006005, visit the PasGo website or download the mobile app.

The developers of PasGo are constantly studying market trends and catching up with new technologies to create a product that can meet the best interests of both diners and restaurants in Vietnam.

Through the app, you can find the nearest restaurant using a map to show you the way. You can also choose from top restaurants without having to spend time reading a review, find discounts and book tables a the click of a button.

The app is able to filter options to find the restaurant that suits your taste in terms of price, location and quality. It can even fulfill special requests such as finding an eatery that can cater for hundreds of people at once, or that has a private room or romantic seats, and all free of charge.

PasGo helps restaurants advertise for free and attract customers during off-peak hours, as well as introducing new dishes.

“This is the optimal solution for restaurants to manage and use their capital as it is based on their actual situations instead of creating wholesaling coupons,” said the representative.

Over the past three years, PasGo has connected 700 restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with diners, and serves tens of thousands of users each day, creating the same amount of promotions and discounts.

It has been loyal to its philosophy of only working with high-quality restaurants to help users feel secure about their choices.

"We know this is not an easy path but the team at PasGo are consistent, and we hope the success of PasGo will encourage restaurants to pay more attention to their food and service,” the representative said.

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