SCG hands over hand washing sinks in Hai Duong, continues efforts against Covid-19

March 28, 2022 | 04:00 am PT
SCG and its member companies have supported and accompanied authorities and people in Hai Duong during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As Vietnam resumes socio-economic activities and embraces the new normal, aiming to help students stay healthy and Covid-19 free during the back-to-school season, SCG collaborated with Hai Duong Provincial Youth Union to donate 10 sets of hand washing sinks valued at VND147 million to 10 schools in Hai Duong Province.

The schools are Sao Do University, Hai Duong Vocational Training College, Hai Duong University, the College of Tourism, Industry and Trade, Mac Dinh Chi High school, Tu Ky Town Primary school, Cam Giang Secondary school, Tam Ky Secondary school, Hong Phong Primary School, and the Vocational Education - Continuing Education Center. Sao Do University and Hai Duong Vocational Training College are the first two schools to get the handover.

"Hand hygiene, a very simple action, is well accepted to be one of the primary modes of reducing health care-associated infection and of enhancing patient safety," a SCG representative said.

SCG hands-over hand washing sinks i

SCG hands-over hand washing sinks to schools in Hai Duong. Photo by SCG

Nguyen Trong Cac, a teacher at Sao Do University: "We are delighted to have received such significant support from SCG in Hai Duong. This motivates our staff, instructors, and students to adapt to the new phase of living safely with Covid-19. Hopefully, we will continue to maintain our good relationship in future."

According to SCG, the hand washing sinks are designed and constructed by Prime Group (subsidiary of Cement - Building Material Business of SCG). The sinks come with extra instructions on how to correctly wash hands according to the Ministry of Health's instructions on pandemic preventive measures.

With the latest donation, SCG hopes to upgrade sanitation facilities at schools, to raise awareness about the importance of regular and effective handwashing, to educate students about pandemic prevention, to promote personal hygiene practices among them, and to encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Growing together with the community

As a responsible corporate citizen, SCG and its member companies have been putting effort into supporting communities through relevant programs that meet their immediate needs. Since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, the companies have launched many initiatives to protect people's health.

SCG’s newest support is aligned with its mission of SCG together to fight the pandemic. Photo by SCG

SCG’s newest support is aligned with its mission of "SCG together to fight the pandemic". Photo by SCG

In Hai Duong, prior to the hand washing sinks donation, SCGP, Packaging Business of SCG, also supported the province with 10,000 high-quality paper boxes to aid the shipment of commodities to remote places, 100 SCGP paper field hospital beds for provincial field hospitals, two mobile positive pressure chambers, and VND200 million.

The paper beds feature the ease of assembly, maintenance, dismantling, and transportation. Particularly, with a spacious area, firm and environmentally friendly materials, the beds are promised to bring comfort to patients and pandemic prevention forces. Meanwhile, the chambers are designed on the principle of positive pressure, with internal pressure always greater than the outside pressure, so that airborne pathogens will not be able to invade the chamber.

Each paper bed takes about 8 minutes to install. Photo by SCG

Each paper bed takes about eight minutes to install. Photo by SCG

On the other hand, the annual scholarship SCG Sharing the Dream Scholarship in 2019 and 2021 awarded Hai Duong University and high-school students with 100 scholarships worth a total VND620 million. It not only provides financial support to in-need students but also inspires the youth to live up to their dreams despite difficulties.

"We hope that through our efforts in improving public health, particularly while students are returning to school in the new-normal condition, our communities will gradually adjust to living with Covid safely," said Piyapong Jriyasetapong, general director of SCG Vietnam.

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