SCG cares for different groups amid Covid-19

By May May    September 1, 2021 | 05:00 pm PT
SCG, one of the leading conglomerates in the cement-building material, packing and chemicals business, has taken action to support frontliners and the community in fighting the pandemic.

Responding to the National Steering Committee request on Covid-19 Prevention and Control for Ho Chi Minh City, SCG recently contributed to the Covid-19 treatment field hospital in District 8, along with other facilities as part of its VND5 billion ($219.000) support package.

"Field hospitals recently established in virus hotspots like District 8 and Thu Duc City are in dire need of medics. With an overflow of patients, the demand for medical equipment and facilities has dramatically increased. The treatment process for patients is facing a great challenge. Without sufficient equipment, together with the pressure of increasing daily infections, never before has frontline workforces faced such a situation of shortage," a SCG's spokesperson said.

SCG has donated a series of essential medical supplies and equipment to the field hospital in District 8, other hospitals and government units.


SCG has donated essential medical supplies and equipment to hospitals across HCMC. Photo by SCG

The group has rushed to put all medical equipment in place including portable ultrasound machines, handheld x-ray machines, PCR accessories, ventilator, monitors, syringe pumps, and others.

SCG has also brought its latest innovations to hospitals, including assembled hygiene modular bathrooms and SCGP paper field hospital beds. These innovations are among SCG’s ongoing efforts in response to the pandemic.

The Medical Equipment contributes to the hospitals effective operation, assists to save patients lives.

SCG's medical equipment provides comprehensive treatment for patients. Photo by: SCG

To safeguard frontline medics, SCG has specifically designed its hygiene modular bathrooms with touchless technology to reduce exposure to the new coronavirus. These bathrooms also integrate with a high-capacity ventilation system to maintain clean and safe air circulation.

Such functions are expected to enhance the safety of doctors and nurses who work relentlessly to save people's lives.

Nguyen Thanh Phong, director of Covid-19 Treatment Field Hospital in District 8, shared: "The donation not only assists patients and protects medical staff, but also empowers them spiritually." Designed based on two main principles: touchless and high ventilation, the hygiene modular bathroom will minimize user contact with shared sanitary equipment with hand washing faucets, sanitizer dispensers, etc.

Another innovative solution is mobile positive pressure chambers to facilitate the sample collection process. The chamber allows doctors and nurses to conduct swabs without direct contact with patients.

Meanwhile, SCG has researched and developed beds made from recycled paper to ease the shortage at field hospitals. The whole purpose of SCG paper field hospital beds is to be a sustainable, short-term solution to housing a lot of patients, thereby contributing to protecting the community at the peak of the pandemic.

To date SCG has donated 25 hygiene modular bathrooms and a series of medical equipment to the Covid-19 treatment field hospitals in high-risk pandemic areas like District 8, District 1, District 7, Binh Tan, Binh Chanh, Go Vap, Can Gio, Nha Be District and Thu Duc City.

"All of these innovative solutions are aimed to ensure no one is left behind during the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. These contributions not only alleviate the burden on frontline medical teams, but also ensure Covid-19 patient treatment is implemented in a safe and timely manner," a representative commented.

The group has so far delivered a total 3,300 SCGP paper field hospital beds to medical facilities and quarantined areas across the southern area including Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Long An in a bid to provide timely care to the growing number of patients.


Paper field hospital beds designed by SCGP. Photo by SCG

SCGP paper field hospital beds have been donated to many critical touch points around HCMC and neighboring provinces to support the prevention of Covid-19.

As a responsible corporate citizen, SCG has made commitments to support localities where it operates, including Vietnam. Therefore, SCG will continue to showcase its relentless efforts to accompany frontline healthcare workers, patients and the community in Vietnam to sail through this challenging time.

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