Riverfront view, a key factor in determining value of luxury apartments

By Anh Dung   July 14, 2020 | 05:00 pm PT
Waterfront apartments have become the popular choice for elite home buyers in recent years as they bring much added value, which cannot be measured by square meters.

Apartments with appealing river views can double in value

According to the 2019 Global Waterfront Report from Knight Frank, an international real estate consultancy based in London, the price of homes with a river view is on average 40 percent higher than inland properties. In some places, the premium uplift calculates to 89 percent.

The report also ranks in detail different fronts, including bay (59.1 percent), sea (58.5 percent), river (36.8 percent) and lake (32.7 percent).

In Singapore, riverside condominium projects are trending and have seen their prices continuously rising over the past decade. Areas such as Robertson Quay (by Singapore River), Bishan (by Kallang River), and Hougang (by Serangoon River) are all favored by wealthy families, with market prices ranging in the multi-million US dollar level.

Riverside properties are attractive because of an increase in demand, and the growing scarcity of riverfront land. Experts indicate such locations possess outstanding liquidity, with their value consistently increasing through the years and their supply dropping.

Riverine apartments enjoy good liquidity and boast potential for future price increases.

Riverine apartments enjoy good liquidity and boast potential for future price increases.

In the context of rapid urbanization, a quiet dwelling nearby a river or lake, one which opens up the absolute harmony between people and nature, becomes a priority, especially for those in high-level positions, for whom life is a constant strain. For this reason, the market has witnessed the monetary flow of high-class buyers swift from luxury apartments to waterfront properties sensibly connected to the center and offering full amenities and the conveniences of easy commuting.

To date, Ho Chi Minh City still maintains the law of motion in the riverside real estate movement. Land banks along the Saigon River are concentrated mainly in District 2 and District 7, becoming increasingly scarce by the day. With the advantage of the river view, luxury apartment projects from reputable developers serve as a magnet for wealthy home buyers.

One of the most prominent projects of such a kind is Sunshine Diamond River, developed by Sunshine Group.

The project is attracting market interest with its unique architecture and stunning river view, alongside its integration with the Urban Resort 4.0 style complex boasting modern innovative smart technologies, according to a release by the firm.

Babylon Tower - an architectural landmark adjoining the serene riverbank

"Babylon Tower is one of the most anticipated skyrises to enter the real estate market." Sunshine Group added that its opulent architecture, which blends many elements, defines the meaning of upscale living while ensuring continual increase in valuation for sophisticated investors.

Babylon Tower, within Sunshine Diamond River, offers a unique design.

Babylon Tower, within Sunshine Diamond River, offers a unique design.

With an innovative design, Babylon Tower was inspired by the historic Hanging Gardens of Babylon, a wonder lush with evergreen terraces covered with grass, flowers, and vines.

The project has been honored by Dot Property Vietnam, winning its "Best Innovative Green Building Vietnam" award along with the "People’s Choice Awards Project of The Year" in 2019, recognized as one of the largest real estate prizes in Asian Pacific.

Located near the widest convergence of the Sai Gon and Dong Nai River, the tower offers an endless view of the natural water flow. Besides, it also overlooks a $6 billion multi-functional park that includes future allotments for high-quality 5-star building establishments, alongside an international cruise and yacht marina. Residents will additionally benefit from impressive landscaping, shaped to allow one an exclusive stroll through tropical and meditation greenery.

An artificial waterway adds value to the Babylon Tower appeal.

An artificial waterway adds value to the Babylon Tower appeal.

According to feng shui experts, attributes promoting life’s creation through the balance from energy sources are all converged at Babylon Tower, Sunshine Group said. Elements in this harmonious living space are transmitted through the flow of water near the home that symbolizes prosperity and abundance.

"The position in proximity to the natural landscapes combined with the surrounding gardens and plants will not only bring good fortune but also a positive ventilation for healing and other health benefits."

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