PRO Vietnam to collect, recycle 3,000 tons of waste

March 30, 2022 | 12:00 am PT
PRO Vietnam's vision is that all product packaging produced and distributed in Vietnam by its members will be recycled and restored by 2030.

Packaging and recycling organization PRO Vietnam recently hosted its 2022 annual member meeting in Ho Chi Minh City to conclude former activities and map out future plans.

In 2021, the pandemic constrained PRO Vietnam's pilot collecting program. In addition to the strategic switch to online platforms for media exposure, PRO Vietnam and its members proactively contributed to charitable activities, especially the "Saigon for Saigon" program with a total donation of hundreds of billions dong, supporting the front line Covid-19 battle.

2022 is the year of transition for PRO Vietnam's activities, which focus on cooperation with and supporting the Ministry of Resources and Environment to implement the ERP Decree. PRO Vietnam plans to roll out at least three collection campaigns to recycle at least 3,000 tons of each type of waste materials (namely PET, UBC, and laminates).

PRO Vietnam is set to achieve this objective by enhancing public awareness and accessibility to recycling in Vietnam, working in public venues, increasing the number of collection points, improving the collection process, as well as ensuring recycling capacity to readily process what has been consumed. All of these measures will help reduce waste, lend a post-consumed second life to packages and create more employment opportunities.

The organization would support pilot programs through behavioral change campaigns calling for regional waste sorting and recycling and promote strategic partnerships with organizations to implement collection activities toward the goal of recycling; and expand the alliance's membership base.

Established on June 21, 2019, PRO Vietnam is an alliance of leading businesses in consumer goods, retailing and packaging that share the common endeavor for a greener, cleaner and more beautiful Vietnam by promoting the circular economic model through transforming the processes of collecting and recycling product packages into a more accessible and sustainable manner.

The organization would support pilot programs through behavioral change campaigns calling for regional waste sorting and recycling,

PRO Vietnam has implemented a series of recycling campaigns. Photo by PRO Vietnam

From the original nine founding members, PRO Vietnam has increased its membership to 19 along with other partners and like-minded organizations.

The alliance now has 19 organizations, namely Annam Group, Coca-Cola Vietnam, FrieslandCampina, La Vie, Nestlé Vietnam, NutiFood, Pepsico Vietnam, Saigon Co.op, SIG, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam, Tetra Pak Vietnam, TH Group, URC Vietnam, RKW Vietnam, Ngoc Nghia, Ajinomoto Vietnam, Duy Tan, TTC, and Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam.

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