Privileges await elite homeowners at Babylon Tower

By Truc Phuong    July 15, 2020 | 05:00 pm PT
High-end amenities at Babylon Tower, part of Sunshine Group’s Babylon Tower project in HCMC, are attracting potential elite homeowners and real estate investors.
Privileges await elite homeowners at Babylon Tower

A glamorous lifestyle for elite homebuyers

The possession of wealth in Vietnam has increased exponentially in the past few years, changing the mindset for traditional business practices in the high-end property segment. Project developer, Sunshine Group, said "in order to satisfy homeowners holding a character, personality, and influence in society, products and services delivered must be distinguished, world-class, and resemble true authenticity."

Recognizing this demand, Sunshine Diamond River, part of a $1.2 billion residential complex in District 7, provides outstanding facilities, which "not only meet international 5-star standards, but also present customized experiences connecting residents to new senses".

Located on a prime site overlooking Saigon River, Babylon Tower is expected to be introduced to the market by the early third quarter of 2020.


A spacious and modern Olympic-size swimming pool built inside the property.

For a more intimate experience, Cigar Lounge and Wine Cellar offers a private venue for organizing exclusive events, with a touch of sophistication for upscale leisure and relaxation.

All requests are promptly answered by ‘Royal Butlers’, ready to serve 24/7.

Devoted gardeners and nursing services for the elderly are available when homeowners are not home or busy. Extravagant parties at home with private chefs can be arranged. Homeowners will also enjoy luxury laundry services, booking of first-class airline tickets and bespoke cleaning at Babylon Tower.


Café Lounge reclines with impressive views over Saigon River.

Besides, families can go out for a walk to enjoy the beautiful waterways, catch up on the latest movies at the cinema, have fun at Bowling & Game Center, relax at the spa, shop at the retail department stores or supermarket etc.

Young children, while studying, can play and develop through acclaimed daycare centers and international schools, as well as large playgrounds right inside the Sunshine Diamond River.


Waterways are shaped within the property.

Residential experience with 4.0 smart technology

Sunshine Group said it is committed to pioneering breakthroughs at Sunshine Diamond River by integrating smart technology with its 4.0 ecosystem, synchronously applying artificial intelligence across all properties.


4.0 intelligent technology covers the entire Sunshine Diamond River complex.

Residents can experience first-class services at home or away from their apartments. When programmed, activating the ‘Home’ mode will automatically prepare your home with welcoming lights, air conditioning, water heaters, and curtains... even music can be played, all accessible through a smartphone.

Aside from mobile controls, each home is also installed with a smart screen monitor to help residents communicate and visually interact with security, reception, as well as visiting guests.

Smart technology is ‘accessible’ across the entire area, making the daily life of residents safer and more convenient. There is a security system utilizing Face ID technology, smart sensor surveillance cameras, as well as a smart parking lot to automatically locate and reserve the nearest open slot.

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