Payment solutions for international businesses in Vietnam

By Thy An   June 28, 2023 | 05:00 pm PT
9Pay offers an "all-in-one" payment solution, and has cooperated with more than 600 partners, including banks, local and foreign financial institutions, supporting millions of merchants' customers.

9Pay has recently received high praise for its management and ability to build products and services to support international businesses. Over the last five years, the company has assisted a large number of partners to achieve certain targets in the domestic market.

According to 9Pay, the company has been supporting more than 10 million merchants' customers since 2018. It also recorded breakthroughs in development and asserted its position in the Fintech industry.

9Pay not only provides various services, but also commits to servicing customers' needs.

"We will always support our partners as they define a thorough business development strategy, especially with start-up companies," the company's representative said.

Reliable payment solution in Vietnam for businesses.

9Pay is currently one of the most common payment solutions in Vietnam for international businesses. Photo courtesy of 9Pay

The representative also listed several features and advantages that 9Pay can bring to customers and partners.

Firstly, 9Pay has developed a full eco-system including a payment gateway, collection and disbursement service, and an e-wallet. Through its "all-in-one" payment solution, global businesses will have access to millions of Vietnamese users via ATM cards, credit cards, e-wallet, "buy now, pay later" and QR code.

Secondly, 9Pay can process payments in just one single sitting, regardless of the platform. It does not impose a limit on the number of transactions. This brings flexibility and convenience to foreign businesses that want to pay employee wages on a regular basis without encountering any barriers. The service fee is also competitive, assisting companies in expanding their business and seizing new chances.

Thirdly, 9Pay understands the market and complies with the laws referring to online payments in Asia. This helps to ensure maximum business rights for its partners. The company also has the ability to manage transaction exposure and protect users' personal information and financial information by applying secure technology.

Finally, 9Pay has skilled technical personnel that are constantly available to assist other teams. They are capable of handling all issues quickly, guaranteeing the stability of the payment system. To optimize the payment experience and enhance business competitiveness, they also propose advanced features and innovations.

9Pay focuses on training employees to bring the best customer service.

9Pay focuses on training employees to enhance the customer service's quality. Photo courtesy of 9Pay

"Despite the challenge in Vietnam's finance market, 9Pay strives to advance technology and promote partnerships with banks and fintech firms, in order to integrate into the current financial services supply chains," the representative said.

He added that 9Pay asserted its position through the company's sustainable growth, global partnership network, and the diverse services it brings to customers.

"We set the goal of expanding our scale operations to global levels and improving service quality to become the top-ranking reliable payment business in the international market," said Tom Nguyen, CEO of 9Pay.

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