One Mount develops comprehensive technology ecosystem

October 19, 2021 | 03:00 am PT
One Mount provides solutions covering the entire financial services, distribution, real estate, and retail-sector value chain.

Approved in June 2020, the National Digital Transformation Program aims to turn Vietnam into a country with a digital technology competitiveness comparable to those of developed nations. This sets favorable conditions for Vietnam to actively capitalize on opportunities brought on by today's technological revolution.

According to experts, Vietnam has unlocked great potential for digital enterprises to thrive across the country. Technology has been the key factor leading to the explosion of innovative startups in the field of information technology.


One Mount comprises three core business units: VinShop, VinID, OneHousing. Photo courtesy of One Mount

One Mount, with its comprehensive technology capabilities, was named at the Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021 event as a great example of the new breed of companies providing a suite of technological solutions and offerings for businesses and consumers across multiple life stages.

Launched in the fall of 2019, One Mount had to navigate a global pandemic in its first two years of operation. This has brought it both challenges and opportunities as it sought to affirm the value of its technology business, which has contributed to the country’s technology and economic goals, even during this challenging period.

After two years, One Mount has pioneered the deployment of technology solutions that help businesses digitalize their operations and solve bottlenecks in many traditional sectors.


VinShop by One Mount connects suppliers with consumers. Photo courtesy of One Mount

Leveraging its multi-faceted and modern technology offerings, One Mount is focused on optimizing benefits for value chains across a spectrum of industries and audiences including small to medium enterprises, end-consumers across distribution, retail and real estate, to name a few.

In the distribution sector, VinShop has established itself as one of the country’s largest consumer goods distributors, which has helped to digitalize more than 80,000 small groceries. Taking advantage of technological advancements to provide maximum support for users, One Mount has connected businesses, manufacturers, and consumers within its ecosystem, allowing goods to reach customers quickly while ensuring stable prices.

Besides improving the income of thousands of small groceries, VinShop also helps ensure the supply of essential goods while helping consumers feel confident about the quality of products.

One Mount has developed a lifestyle super app with VinID, a loyalty platform serving millions of users on a monthly basis. VinID recently refined its point tiering system and is rolling out a more dedicated personalization engine, bringing users a more curated experience for their favorite products and brands.


VinID, the go-to retail platform for millions of Vietnamese, helps facilitate safe shopping during the pandemic. Photo courtesy of One Mount

Meanwhile, OneHousing and OneHousing Pro Agent has established itself as the number one distributor and supplier of Masterise Homes projects in Hanoi. In addition to its premium services, the myHome application integrated with VinID has attracted ten thousands of homeowners and households during its beta launch.

With more products and premium services on the horizon, OneHousing is expected to transform the real estate landscape in Vietnam by providing a complete one-stop shop experience for home buying, selling and living.


OneHousing is transforming the real estate landscape with its seamless one-stop-shop home buying and selling experience. Photo courtesy of One Mount

To realize this early success and fulfill its grand vision, One Mount has formed landmark strategic partnerships with reputable industry leaders like TechcomBank and Google.

The former has bolstered the vision of bringing financial solutions to more people and underserved areas across Vietnam while the latter helped develop powerful technology infrastructure and AI capabilities via Google Cloud offerings.

One Mount commits to supporting Vietnam's digital transformation strategy.


One Mount receives recognition at Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021. Photo courtesy of One Mount

Recently, One Mount’s potential was affirmed by VINASA when the latter included it among its Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021. One Mount nabbed a spot in three different categories: Top 10 Companies Providing Digital Transformation Platforms, Top 10 Fintech Companies, and Top 10 Logistics and E-Commerce Companies.

One Mount was selected by HR Asia Magazine as one of its Best Companies to Work For in Asia 2021 in recognition of its outstanding HR practices, attractive benefits, policies, and engaging work environment.

With a large technological ecosystem, One Mount provides solutions and services along the entire value chain in the financial services, distribution, real estate, and retail sectors through its three core business units: VinShop, VinID, OneHousing.

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