Should I permanently move back from US to Vietnam with $2M?

By Hoa Nguyen   February 25, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
After dedicating 16 years to my career in the U.S. and amassing a portfolio of real estate and cash valued at $2 million, my ties to Vietnam remain unbreakable.

At 37, living solo and with no current plans for marriage or children—since the right partner hasn’t appeared—I find myself yearning for the familiar landscapes of Vietnam, my childhood home.

Despite the changes these places have undergone, my nostalgia for the bamboo-lined paths, rivers, and beaches of my youth persists, prompting me to consider a permanent return to Vietnam. The solitude I’ve experienced in the U.S. further amplifies my desire for a life where daily interactions can be navigated in my mother tongue.

However, I wonder if my savings will be sufficient to ensure a comfortable life there.

Originating from the coastal city of Da Nang, where I own property in the city center, personal expenses do not worry me. The real challenge is finding the most effective way to leverage my assets to continue my commitment to aiding the less fortunate—a commitment I’ve honored even from afar by sending charitable donations to Vietnam. This generosity is fueled by my belief that with effort, earning in the U.S. is attainable.

Therefore, the idea of relocating to Vietnam permanently is accompanied by the concern that I may not be able to continue this support without a local, income-generating job.

What steps should I take?

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