My $980 iPhone 8 Plus lasts seven years

February 10, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
My VND24 million (US$984.8) iPhone 8 Plus, which has accompanied me for seven years, is still worth every penny.

I bought a 2015 Macbook Pro and a 2017 iPhone 8 Plus during their launches. To date, my 9-year-old laptop and 7-year-old phone are still running extremely smoothly.

I purchased the iPhone 8 Plus back when its price was nearly VND24 million.

Prior to this, I opted for an Android smartphone showcased in the showroom in an effort to economize, following the store staff's advice that it was significantly more affordable than iPhones.

However, after just a few months of use, that phone often froze and lagged. The phone’s keyboard would often freeze for about ten seconds, which was very frustrating.

Therefore, I gave that phone to my relatives in the countryside and bought an iPhone. It was expensive but I felt it was worth every penny.

Now in its seventh year of use, the device still performs well without any freezing or delay. Considering its lifespan, the phone only costs me VND3 million per year.

It is so easy to use and connect with the Macbook, so I think there is a reason why the iPhone has become the best-selling phone of all time, even though it is quite expensive.

Many people say buying a phone for VND20-30 million is a waste.

But the advanced technology, good user experience and longevity are all worth it.

These factors, in my opinion, are far more important than trying to save money by buying a cheaper phone with poor performance and a short lifespan.

Do you prefer Android phones or iPhones?

Reader Trung

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