I have thrice refused early land inheritance from my parents and in-laws

June 2, 2024 | 03:20 pm PT
I have thrice refused early land inheritance from my parents and in-laws
Lands and properties in HCMC's southern area. Illustration photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
Aspiring to forge my own fortune from the ground up, I have, on three occasions, declined my parents' and in-laws' offers to transfer their assets to me early.

My parents once mentioned wanting to give me half of the land they owned so I could sell it and buy an apartment in the city, seeing as I was living in a rented place at the time. Back then, I told them: "You both started with nothing and now you have land to give me. Shouldn't I be following in your footsteps?"

In jest, I even remarked that if I secured a house on my own, I would then end up with two plots of land—an idea that has since materialized, as I have now acquired a home.

Recently, my parents once again hinted at transferring their land to me because they were worried about their old age and declining health. Of course, I immediately declined.

I told them: "All you need to do is make a will clearly stating that the assets will be divided only after you both pass away to prevent your children from fighting for inheritance. And if you're worried about the land lying idle, you can always build a house on it and rent it out. You would then have someone to look after the house and additional income for personal expenses like traveling or medical needs."

I want my parents to always feel like they are living in their own house, rather than feeling psychologically dependent on their children. If they miss their children or grandchildren, they can come to the city to stay with them for however long they want and easily return to their hometown because the house will still be there.

Even my in-laws once called me over to discuss passing down their family land early. Of course, I immediately declined because that is their family property and I do not want to get involved.

I firmly believe that for the elderly, maintaining independence and feeling valued is paramount. Therefore, I always support them having their own property and financial autonomy. For me, the fact that my parents do not rely on me to support them is already a huge gift. So, there is no reason for children to demand the properties their parents have painstakingly earned throughout their lives. If the children are healthy, they should not rely on their parents' assets and be lazy or irresponsible.

In summary, I always believe that in life, the first thing is to respect oneself. Even if my parents did not leave me anything, that is no excuse to resign myself to a miserable life.

Would you accept an early inheritance if it meant your parents would have to be financially dependent on you?

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