I, at 45, have prepared 2 townhouses for my children

June 10, 2024 | 04:29 pm PT
I, at 45, have prepared 2 townhouses for my children
Apartment buildings and townhouses in the southern part of HCMC. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
At 45 years old, I own two townhouses, one of which I inherited from my parents, and plan to pass them down to my two children.

My hope is that these properties will alleviate some of the challenges in their lives. I firmly believe that providing a home for our children or assisting them in purchasing one is a testament to parental care. Ideally, this will enable our children to lead stable lives with fewer financial burdens. I have immense admiration for young couples who, without parental assistance, managed to purchase homes in their 30s.

The above story was shared by buithang5373 in the comment section of another reader’s story on how most youth need financial help from their parents to be able to buy a house early. Many readers supported this sentiment:

Reader Thanh Nhan:

"Very few laborers manage to buy a house independently in major cities. Nowadays, when you start a family, it is essential to have plans in place to support your children so they can establish stable careers. I have two sons who are in university, so I am concerned about their housing situations once they graduate and begin working in HCMC. While I'm funding their education, I'm also saving to assist them in acquiring a small apartment if necessary."

Reader Tanukichi:

"Securing a home in Hanoi or HCMC is incredibly challenging without financial assistance from parents. Renting is an option, but this leaves people vulnerable to rent hikes and potential eviction by landlords. Hence, owning a home can make your life much more stable."

Reader Ho Giay:

"The author's survey accurately reflects reality. I also believe that over 90% of young people buying houses in HCMC receive financial help from their parents, often covering more than 50% of the purchase price.

I think we, as parents, need to help our children directly before relying on government or divine intervention. Even with my parents' help, it still took me a long time to pay off the remaining debt, so I do not want my children to go through the same hardship. I have also set aside enough funds to give each of them a home once they have their own family. Keep striving for your children because, otherwise, no one else will."

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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