Masterise Homes beats pandemic with sustainability

By May May   October 28, 2021 | 06:00 pm PT
Masterise Homes has been listed among Vietnam's top excellent brands thanks to its strategy of developing branded residences, digitalizing the sales processes and initiating CSR activities amid Covid-19.

Masterise Homes entered Vietnam's Top 10 Excellent Brands in 2020-2021, organized by Vietnam Economic Review, in the first year of participation. This achievement, according to a Masterise Homes representative, is in view of its flexible and creative strategies, especially with the real estate industry severely affected by the pandemic.

Representatives of Vietnams Top 10 Excellent Brands in 2020-2021. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Economic Magazine

Representatives of Vietnam's Top 10 Excellent Brands in 2020-2021. Photo courtesy of Vietnam Economic Magazine

Pioneering branded residences in Vietnam

Aiming for sustainable growth, the real estate developer has pioneered a new segment, ultra-luxury branded residences in prime locations, awakening the potential of golden lands in central Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The branded residence segment proves its sustainability over time and is less affected by socio-economic events. Despite Covid-19, Savills estimates that in 2021 there would be at least 100 luxury residential projects put into use, of which one out of every four new projects will be located in Asia-Pacific.

Spotting the potential of branded residences, Masterise Homes has cooperated with Marriott International, the world's largest hotel group, to bring this brand-new real estate segment to Vietnam through the masterpieces of world-class standard. The comprehensive cooperation strategy is expected to create iconic buildings and landmarks in Vietnam.

Under the cooperation, Marriott will provide management services and development support, offering the residential community the highest quality of service and facilities.

Jointly developed by two renowned units, two ultra-luxury residential projects have attracted attention in the domestic and international markets. Grand Marina is considered one of Marriott International's largest branded residences in the world. In October, as soon as Vietnam entered the "new normal" after the biggest pandemic wave, Masterise Homes continued introducing the first-ever Ritz-Carlton Residences in Hanoi.

The first three branded residential projects in Vietnam are listed on the website of Marriott International.

The first three branded residential projects in Vietnam are listed on the website of Marriott International.

"Considering its resilience amid the uncertainty, branded residences is one of the strategies to help Masterise Homes turns challenges into opportunities amid the pandemic, leveraging the value of domestic real estate to a new height, and marking Vietnam's presence on the world map," the Masterise Homes' representative stated.

Enhance customer experience

Masterise Homes has adopted a series of flexible solutions in business to quickly adapt to the new pandemic context.

In the first half of this year, "Home for Home" was introduced as a solution for the home buying and selling process, offering Vietnamese families the opportunity to access a premium lifestyle and enjoy an international standard in residences developed by Masterise Homes.

This realtor is also one of the pioneers in applying digital transformation to real estate transactions, ensuring a seamless experience for customers. Despite Covid-19, for the first time, thousands of customers have purchased real estate properties virtually with just "one touch" on the Masterise Homes App.

According to a survey conducted by Masterise Homes, the app is scored 8.48/10 by users, with highly appreciated features including staff, instruction and in-app experience.

Recently, Masterise Homes has announced its Privilege Insurance Package in gratitude for customer support.

The insurance contract value equals 0.8 percent the property value in the first year with coverage of up to 70 times the annual fee to sufficiently protect family and assets.

"Going beyond strategies to adapt, these initiatives are our commitment to creating ultimate experience and shaping an exclusive lifestyle for our customers as well as raising the living standard of the Vietnamese," said representative of Masterise Homes.

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