Masteri Waterfront wins big at Vietnam Property Awards 2020

November 19, 2020 | 11:40 pm PT
Located in the center of Vinhomes Ocean Park, Masteri Waterfront of real estate developer Masterise Homes won two awards at PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2020.

The project won ‘Hanoi's Best High-End Condo Development’ and ‘Best High-End Condo Interior Design’.

This was the first time Masterise Homes had participated in PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2020, going through a rigorous evaluation process overseen by leading domestic and international real estate experts.

Masteri Waterfront in the heart of Vinhomes Ocean Park.

Masteri Waterfront in the heart of Vinhomes Ocean Park.

"The victory at this year’s awards is a result of the commitment of Masterise Homes to develop international standard residential projects through cooperation with world-class partners from the fields of architecture, landscape and interior design," a Masteri Waterfront representative said.

One of the partners is Tange Associates - Japan's leading urban and architectural design company. Design inspiration was drawn from ocean waves and expressed symbolically via horizontal bars running along the building surface. With extensive experience in international projects such as Olympic Sports Palace and Yoyogi National Stadium, Tange Associates has brought a new standard to design, ensuring not only world-class but also sustainable projects.

Masteri Waterfront was crafted by Studio HBA, specializing in interior design for five-star hotels around the world, and Belt Collins International, a global master of landscape and planning. The project is inspired by eight of Van Gogh's most famous paintings, which focus on the contrast and movement of color and light, providing a sense of balance. The combination of well-known leaders in the industry has created a unique living experience throughout the project, from the exterior facade to amenities, for Masteri Waterfront residents. Masteri Waterfront encourages an international living experience through a comprehensive customer support service for all residents.

Youssef Akila, Head of Design, Masterise Homes representative (second from left) received the design award for the Masteri Waterfront project.

Youssef Akila (L, 2nd), head of design, receives the design award for Masteri Waterfront.

Youssef Akila has over 20 years’ experience working on large-scale international projects and has participated in world-famous designs like The Trump building, Paramount, Versace, Fendi and the 120-storey Entisar tower in Dubai (7th tallest in the world).

"Design partners were carefully selected based on a long list of criteria and a stringent internal evaluation process. We are constantly on the lookout for well-versed consultants that can bring in an international design flair while also having a proven track record of delivering world class projects within the region. Design by nature is a collaborative effort and a collection of thoughts encompassing inputs from various disciplines."

"As such, we first derive inspiration from identifying our targeted segment of society, age groups, and living habits. We then transfer these thoughts into a working concept. From that point onwards everything we do revolves around refining and testing the concept until we arrive at what we would like to call - the ultimate experience," Akila said.

Masterise Homes has made a strong impact on the real estate market through world-class projects like Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri An Phu, and Millennium.

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