Vietnamese exports to Canada surpass rest of Southeast Asia

By Bui Hong Nhung   June 1, 2016 | 02:05 pm GMT+7
Vietnam’s export value to Canada over the first quarter of this year hit $836.1 million, making the country the largest supplier of goods to Canada in Southeast Asia.

Data from Canada’s statistic agency showed that Vietnam’s export value to Canada was up 23 percent on-year at $836.1 million, while import value was down 38.7 percent at $92.9 million.

Machinery and electronic gadgets were Vietnam's key exports. Over the first three months, the export value of these products jumped 123 percent on year to touch $273 million, making up more than a third of Vietnam’s export value. Footwear also rose 33.5 percent on-year to touch $103 million, while textile products were up by 7.3 percent at $76 million.

Imports from Canada also saw significant growth in the first quarter of 2016. Fertilizer recorded the highest value at $23.5 million, up 80 percent on year, while electrical appliances and components recorded the highest growth of 176.5 percent to reach $14.7 million.

The ten countries in the region exported $2.9 trillion worth of goods to Canada in the first three months, up 5.4 percent on-year, while the import value was down 29.7 percent at $1 trillion. Laos had the largest export growth of 254 percent, while Cambodia had the most significant import growth of 226 percent.

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