LiveTrade app provides time and cost-optimized solution for stock investors

By May Pham   July 5, 2021 | 07:00 pm PT
Integrating a simple and user-friendly interface with advanced technology, LiveTrade App supports 24/7 online stock trading with an initial capital of $1.

LiveTrade is a mobile application developed by LiveTrade LTD with support from leading technological partners, securities corporations and banks in Vietnam. The application utilizes blockchain technology to eliminate chronic market complexities and barriers.


Intuitive interface of LiveTrade app. Photo by LiveTrade.

"The stock market is still a challenging area to most investors due to the difficulties and risks during transactions, causing significant losses, especially to newbies. Hence, the application of technology is being emphasized to create positive impacts on the market, all aiming at supporting both amateurs and professionals," commented Le Pham - CEO of the company.

By tokenizing shares of prominent Vietnamese companies, LiveTrade allows investors to dive into the vast market even with very small capital. With the app, users can actively explore and select stocks to invest in safely and effectively, boosting profits from this relatively stable market.

The blockchain-based platform is designed with a customer-oriented interface, ensuring its easy-to-use and easy-to-trade characteristics. Instead of complicated technical figures, brand logos are used for easy searching and selection of popular stocks, providing a simple user experience.


Companies are sorted in different categories, allowing easy search and selection of stocks. Photo by: LiveTrade

This is the competence that makes LiveTrade different from other applications and increases its chance to approach a greater number of users.

LiveTrade App is considered one of the best time and cost-optimized solutions for all investors. It provides investors with a new method of stock trading with a 24/7 transaction service, instant order matching at zero cost, in contrast with the limited transaction period of traditional stock exchanges.

Conventional exchanges require a large quantity and value for each order, which is a huge obstacle to most people. LiveTrade App, instead, will tokenize and divide stocks into fractions, allowing decimal trades of one or two shares, or even just 1/2, 1/5 of shares.

The all-in-one LiveTrade App offers user-centered services, giving access to a new income resource to everyone, even those with limited capital. Investors can purchase stocks with just $1 and still enjoy full dividend benefits based on actual shares held.


LiveTrade App allows users to monitor the market situation in real-time. Photo by LiveTrade

Currently, LiveTrade App includes a diversified portfolio of various industries and services from a variety of corporations and businesses listed on stock exchanges.

The app ensures transparency and clarity, protecting the legal rights and benefits of investors. The volume and value of stocks are continuously updated to help users easily monitor their activities, enhancing investment confidence.

In addition to integrating modern features, the LiveTrade team persists with utilizing available advantages, adapting and adjusting to the needs of users, improving user experience to the greatest extent.

The application is under development, aligning with the defined schedule. It is expected that LiveTrade App would be officially launched and put into operation in the third quarter of 2021.

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