Khai Hoan Land launches stone bench project

By Phong Van    October 10, 2022 | 05:00 pm PT
The stone bench project will start at the end of December, carrying inspirational messages through quotes engraved on it.

Inspired by the desire to spread a spirit of business initiatives, Khai Hoan Land will launch a community project including stone benches with famous quotes etched on them.

The project will last until 2025.

"The project will not only contribute to landscape aesthetics, but also convey meaningful messages in a natural way through famous quotes of entrepreneurs, great authors, writers, and artists...," the chairman of Khai Hoan Group said.

Vietnamese enterprises can register to order stone seats to advertise their brand. Khai Hoan Land will also connect with company members, schools, hospitals, and government offices... to offer products.

stone benches with famous quotes etched on them.

Khai Hoan Land's stone benches with famous quotes. Photo by Khai Hoan Land

Established in 2009, Khai Hoan Land is a brand under Khai Hoan Group, active in the field of business administration and with expertise in counseling, executing, promoting, and financing high-end real estate. It has become one of the leading providers of real estate services in Vietnam.

The company focuses on investing in key real estate projects in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and other cities with great potential for development, including Nghe An and Vinh Long.

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